Business 3100: Principles of Marketing

Dr. Myles Bassell


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Course Description

An overall view of the field of marketing and the theory of consumer and enterprise demand. Emphasis is given to consumer behavior, advertising, social responsibility, marketing strategies, market potential, product planning and development, market research, pricing, sales promotion, channels of distribution and government regulation. (Not open to students who have completed Economics 3001 [50.2].)

Course Textbook:

For this course Dr. Myles Bassell is using Principles of Marketing by University of Minnesota.  This textbook is free and open access.  

Principles of Marketing book cover

Principles of Marketing teaches the experience and process of actually doing marketing – not just the vocabulary. It carries five dominant themes throughout in order to expose students to marketing in today’s environment: Service dominant logic, sustainability, ethics and social responsibility, global coverage, and metrics.”  ISBN: 978-1-946135-19-3

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Course Lecture Videos:

  • Here are all the videos of Dr. Bassell’s lectures on Marketing Basics.
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Course Lecture Podcasts:

  • Here are all the podcasts of Professor Bassell’s lectures on Marketing Basics.
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Marketing Basics 3

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