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1. Pinterest’s active user base grew 26% to 335 million last year

Over the past 12 months, Pinterest gained 70 million monthly active Pinners. There are now 335 million people who use Pinterest every month. That’s huge, but for comparison, Facebook has nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users (MAUs).

More than half of Pinterest’s MAUs are weekly active users, which means they log-on to the platform at least once a week.

pinterest stats: monthly active users

2. Pinterest is now the third-largest social network in the U.S.

Pinterest closed out 2019 by overtaking Snapchat as the third-biggest social network in the United States. Facebook and Instagram hold the top spots. Throw YouTube into the mix and Pinterest falls to fourth position.

Pinterest now has 88 million MAUs in the U.S., marking an 8% year-over-year growth. The stats, which were announced February in the company’s Q4 earnings call, blew most analyst estimates out of the park. In fact, eMarketer had projected Pinterest would close 2019 with 82.4 million U.S. users, ahead of the 80.2 million estimated for Snapchat.

Snapchat did not release MAU figures, but reports 86 million daily active users for Q4 2019. TikTok is gaining on both platforms, with 80 million MAUs in the U.S.

3. Pinterest’s revenue topped $1 billion in 2019

Pinterest became a billion-dollar business last year, earning $1.14 billion in total revenue. The platform’s revenue grew 51% between 2018 and 2019, thanks in part to a 46% spike around the end-of-year holidays. Pinterest also attributes its growth to an increase in demand from new advertisers and advances in its conversion optimization products.

pinterest revenue statistics

4. Pinterest rates as the 10th most relevant brand in the U.S.

Last year’s Prophet Brand Relevance Index put Pinterest in 10th position, behind companies like Apple, Spotify, Android, and Disney. It’s the only social platform to crack the top ten. It also ranks as #1 in the survey’s “Makes me feel inspired” and “Engages with me in new and creative ways” categories.

Pinterest user stats

Pinterest’s audience may not be as vast as Facebook’s, or as teen-targeted as the Snapchat and TikTok crowd. More than anything, Pinterest is preferred by women. That’s particularly noteworthy since women influence 70-80% of consumer spending. Use these Pinterest user stats to get to know the platform’s demographic dynamics.

5. Pinterest is most popular with women—especially moms

More than two-thirds of Pinterest’s base is women. And according to a recent study by ComScore, more than 80% of U.S. women ages 18-64 with children use Pinterest. In other words, 8 out of 10 moms are Pinners.

That doesn’t mean marketers should forget about men. Men still make up more than 20% of Pinterest’s ad audience.

6. More than half of Pinterest users are based outside the U.S.

Pinterest’s international base is now growing faster than its U.S. base. Last year the amount of international users increased by 35% to reach more than 247 million MAUs. The platform expects international user growth to continue to outpace the U.S. in the near term. In 2018, more than 80% of Pinterest’s new sign ups were from outside the U.S.

7. Some 43% of Internet users in the U.S. have a Pinterest account

The release of Pinterest’s S-1 for its IPO in March last year showed analysts that Pinterest has solidified a strong user base in the United States. It also showed investors that future user growth will likely take place overseas.

8. High-income households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income households

According to a Pew Research study, the majority of Pinterest users earn more than $75,000 USD a year. That means more often than not, people who use Pinterest have a disposable income.

Likewise, U.S. adults with college education are twice as likely to use Pinterest than those with high school or less.

Pinterest usage statistics

Knowing what makes a Pinner Pin is often what separates a good marketing strategy from a bad one. Whether you’re looking for more followers or more sales, these Pinterest stats should guide your efforts.

9. There are more than 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month

The average Pinner types in eight Pinterest searches every month. It all adds up to more than two billion searches, and more than 200 billion Pins saved to more than four billion boards across the platform.

Remember, Pinterest is as much a search engine as it is a social network. Make search engine optimization a part of your Pinterest strategy.

10. 600 million of Pinterest’s monthly searches are visual

Visual search is on the rise. Roughly 62% of GenZers and millennials would like to be able to search by image. And as the only social network that offers the option, Pinterest is poised to benefit.

Searches on Pinterest Lens, its browser extension and visual search tool, increased by 140% between 2017 and 2018. As Lens gets sharper, this figure will undoubtedly grow. So far it can already identify more than 2.5 billion objects across home and fashion pins.

Pinterest also just announced a new Lens-powered feature called Try On. The tool uses augmented reality to let Pinners “try on” the items they see in Product Pins, like lipstick. Businesses with a product catalog can request to try it.

Pinterest try on lipstick demo

11. Related Pins account for 40% of engagement on Pinterest

As Pinterest software engineer Jenni Liu explains, “If you’ve ever heard someone mention ‘the Pinterest Rabbit Hole,’ they’re likely referring to Related Pins.” Related Pins are the relevant pins that show up beneath a Pin a user has tapped on.

How can marketers make their pins show up here? In addition to relevance, Pinterest prioritizes fresh content when fetching related pins to show. So beyond using strong keywords, marketers should aim to post regularly.

According to a 2017 Pinterest study, storytelling and how-to’s are the most popular video formats. The same study found that 67% of Pinners say video inspires them to take action. Meanwhile, a more recent study found that people watch Promoted Videos 32% longer when a storyline is developed over time.

Learn the best practices for Promoted Videos.

12. There were 6x as many video views in 2019 as there were in 2018

In 2020, visuals go well beyond static images. Pinner engagement with video continues to rise, which may be why Pinterest recently added new ways for people to react to them.

13. 85% of Pinners are on mobile

That’s up from 80% in 2018. You know what that means: Optimize for mobile.

Pinterest business stats

Pinners come to Pinterest to shop. Learn how to turn them into loyal customers with these Pinterest stats.

14. 97% of all searches on Pinterest are unbranded

Why does this matter? It means that Pinners are open to discovering new products and ideas. Not only that, 78% of Pinners think content from brands is useful.

And the content doesn’t have to be from brands they know. In a 2019 survey, three-quarters of Pinners say they’re “very interested” in new products. That’s much higher than the 55% of users on other digital channels.

And Pinterest makes it happen. Some 77% of weekly Pinners say they regularly discover new brands and products on the platform. More than that, 98% of Pinners have tried things they find on Pinterest, and 83% have made purchases based on brand content.

15. Shopping is a top priority for 48% of Pinterest users

Pinterest is more search engine than social network, and Pinners act accordingly. At 48%, shopping is a top activity for Pinterest users, ranking just after viewing photos (57%). Sharing content, networking, and news all rank as lesser priorities.

This comes in stark contrast with other social media sites. For Facebook, shopping ranks as the 7th most popular activity at 14%. Same goes for Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, which all see lower shopping rates.

eMarketer chart: Social Media Activities on Select Social Networks by US Social Media Users

16. 85% of Pinners put visuals first when shopping for apparel and furniture

No matter how witty your copy is, it won’t be read without an eye-catching visual. Remember, Pinners start by window shopping, with pins subbing for real-life storefronts.

But visual search also plays a role in stores, too. According to Pinterest, 61% of consumers say image lookup improves their in-store experience. Some 55% say visual search is key to helping them refine their style, and 49% of Pinners say that it improves their relationship with the brands they love.

17. With 321 million searches, end-of-year holidays mark Pinterest’s busiest season

On Pinterest, the end-of-year holidays truly are the most wonderful time of the year. More than three billion holiday-themed pins are saved every year, with search terms like “Christmas decorations” and “winter outfits” surging in popularity.

Pinterest advertising statistics

Pinterest is one of the only places on the Internet where people actually don’t mind ads. If you plan to advertise this year, here are the Pinterest stats you should know.

18. Advertisers can reach more than 169 million people on Pinterest

Pinterest’s quarter-on-quarter change in advertising reach went up by 12% last year, and will likely continue to rise this year. Part of the increase is the result of Pinterest adding more countries to its ad targeting portfolio.

Pinterest audience overview
Source: Digital 2020

Still, more than 79.4 million people are based in the United States, representing roughly 47% of the platform’s ad audience. The U.S. is followed by Germany, France, U.K. and Canada.

Pinterest reach rankings
Source: Digital 2020

For perspective, Facebook’s audience reach in the U.S. is 180 million+. LinkedIn advertisers can reach more than 160 million Americans, Instagram reaches more than 120 million, and Snapchat reaches more than 101 million.

19. At 29%, 25-34 year-old women are Pinterest’s largest ad audience

Women in this age group nearly double the second-largest ad audience on the platform. Overall, women make up 71% of Pinterest’s ad audience, versus 21% for men (the other 8% did not specify gender).

profile of Pinterest's advertising audience
Source: Digital 2020

20. The number of active advertisers on Pinterest doubled in 2019

As Pinterest’s user numbers went up, so did the number of advertisers on the platform. In fact, the number of active advertisers more than doubled last year—marking the highest increase over the past three years.

The spike in advertisers says a lot about the effectiveness of Pinterest ads—especially since average revenue per user (ARPU) went up in 2019, too. Up 15% from 2018, ARPU grew to $1.22 last year.

More advertisers mean more competition. Step up your Pinterest ads with these tips.

21. Revenue from shopping ads grew 100% last year

Between the first and second half of 2019, revenue from shopping ads went way up. Unsurprising, as revenue went up, the number of monthly active advertisers buying shopping ads went up, too. Up 125%, in fact.

Pinterest attributes this growth to improvements in its dynamic retargeting product, which had a “particularly strong uptake and performance” in the third quarter of 2019.

Learn about Pinterest’s shoppable ad formats.

22. At $4.00 ARPU, Americans are the biggest spenders on Pinterest

The average revenue earned per U.S. user went up 26% in 2019. Americans significantly outspend international users, who average a spend of $0.21.

It’s worth noting that many international ad markets are in their early stages—with several new countries added last year. As Pinterest’s Q4 2019 letter to shareholders explains, “We have only begun to execute on our strategy to provide ads … to our users in regions outside of the U.S.”

Average revenue per user

23. Promoted pins that align with life moments and holidays see a 22% lift in sales

Special and seasonal moments drive a lot of activity on Pinterest. Think wedding planning, holiday recipe hunting, or vacation plotting.

In fact, according to data provided to Hootsuite by Pinterest, U.S. consumers using online resources to plan major home renovations are four times more likely to use Pinterest than other social media sites. Those in the market for a new home are 1.6 times more likely to use Pinterest over other social channels.

It’s a good idea for Pinterest marketers to use a social media content calendar to time campaigns with holidays. But be aware that Pinners like to plan ahead. Way ahead. At least 30-45 days in advance.

ideas saved on Pinterest by season

24. Pins that show a product or service in action are 67% more likely to drive sales

No need to be subtle. According to Pinterest best practice analysis, Pins that show someone using a product or service are much more likely to drive offline sales. Prominence is key, too. Pinterest research shows the clearer the product placement, the odds of an offline sales lift increase by 20%.

Here are a few more takeaways from Pinterest’s Creative Best Practices research:

  • Pins with a strong call-to-action in text overlay drive 6% more sales lift
  • Pins that drive traffic to landing pages with similar imagery see a 13% increase in online sales
  • Pins that promote a special offer drive a 61% email conversion lift
  • Pin descriptions that include a brand name in the first line drive a 54% higher email conversion lift
  • Pins with pricing details in the description drive a 28% lift in online sales

Pinterest trends stats

What’s trending on Pinterest? These Pinterest stats will give you an idea.

25. More than 56 million Pinners actively engage with home content

Home content continues to be one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. Home decorating, renovating, landscaping, and purchasing pins will always be popular. But there are some micro-trends that emerged this year.

Pinterest has high search volume on the following:

  • Outdoor bars +2,795%
  • Indian living rooms +2,080%
  • Indoor water fountains +917%
  • Audio room +803%
  • Australian landscaping +784%
  • Home coffee stations +751%
  • Japanese soaking tubs +563%
  • French antiques +384%
  • Home theaters +368%
  • Spanish bathrooms +309%
  • Microgreens growing indoors +223%

26. 9.5 million Pinners actively engage with financial services content

Pinterest may be best known for recipes and how-to’s, Pinners are interested in financial services, too. According to Pinterest research shared with Hootsuite, 82% of Pinners visit Pinterest when they are looking to decide on financial service products.

Life events—like purchasing a home—also prompt Pinners to think about finances. Some 78% of users say they’re open to seeing FinServ pins when planning on Pinterest.

Notably, Pinners are 1.4 times more likely to trust what they find on Pinterest versus other social media sites.

27. 91% of Pinners in the market for tech/telecom purchases decide to buy after seeing content on Pinterest

Pinners turn to Pinterest to help make spending decisions—including for tech and telecom purchases. Some 69% of users turn to Pinterest to help make these purchase decisions. After doing so, nearly nine in 10 are ready to buy.

28. With a +5,961% increase in climate change protest signs, Pinners are thinking about the environment

There’s no doubt that Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for the Future movement spurred this Pinterest trend. But other searches show that climate activism and conscious consumption will have staying power.

Searches for thrift store crafts went up +2,276% and solar-light crafts rose by 427%. Low-waste lifestyle searches increased by 446%, and even low-waste weddings gained 235% more search volume. Searches for thrifted home decor (308%) and eco-friendly swaps (172%) also went up.



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