Student Reviews 2005

The tests aren’t easy. You’ll have to study and do a lot of memorizing. The teacher is thorough. He’ll challenge you. He’ll appreciate your effort. Never give up in this class – no matter how grim you might become – Prof. Bassell rewards productivity and encourages individual improvement.

he is a very good instructor, very helpful, i don;t know about him being hot though, but apart from that he won’t fail you (if u don’t cheat) i got an A in his class so i guess if you do your work and try hard you’ll get an A. All i can say this man is truly one of a kind.

Professor Bassell is one of the best professors I have had at Brooklyn College. He is available, approachable and fair. A lot of reading, read the study guides,chapters and ask questions in class. He will respond to your e-mails. The test are long study the material given and you will not fail & ANY test. DO NOT CHEAT!

Cool professor, fair and long exams, AND DON’T CHEAT!!! He proved that he doesn’t bluff when it comes to that… Great professor.

He is definitely the best professor i have ever had. Since teaching is his second job, he does so from his own knowledge than the book. His exams are not difficult, just require studying and memorization of the concepts from the study guides. As for his looks, it is irrelevant to his teaching

Wow. Believe the hype. This guy is one of the best professors teaching at Brooklyn College. Probably the best I’ve had in years. He gives many study guides to go over, but the exams are exactly like the study guides, so all you have to do is remember the concepts. He emails you regularly about many things, and he is an all-around cool guy. A+++++

the best teacher i have had.

When it comes to 31.4 Bassell is the professor to have. I’ve never had a class before where i knew at some point i’d end up laughing during the class. He’s a great professor, the tests arent really hard as long as you read your study guides and understand the material. The classes are fun, good conversations, and im extremely glad i chose him.

Prof Bassel is very entertaining. If your not good at memorization stay away from the class! He’s a very good teacher that truly takes an interest in his students! He gives a take home final (awesome!). There are a few take home quizzes too, but if you apply yourself you’ll be fine!

Prof. Bassell is one of the best Professor you will ever find at Brooklyn College. He gives take home quizes and grades it as a part of your grade and gives you the exact same questions for the exams as well. He is a must, if you don’t take him you will miss out on an unbelieveable and excitable experience.

Prof. Bassel is definately one of a kind. I’ve never met a professor so dedicated and caring. He really wants his students to learn. His quizes are a little annoying but their good because they keep you on your toes and if you have any problems with it, he’s always willing to help. You’ll get the grade you deserve, as long as you put in the effort.

Great professor. Kept things very interesting. Lots of quizzes, but it really helps to prepare you for the exams. If you apply yourself and give an honest effort, you won’t be disappointed.

The Greatest teacher in BC, helps out with take home quizzes every week and is always willin to help the student in any way possible. Would definitely take him again.

the best professor i ever had, very easy, all the quizes and final are take home. I would take him again and again and again

Prof Bassell is the bomb, He rocks. He’s a great professor and someone that any student would feel comfortable talking to. Sure he gives alot of quizzes but its worth it in the end because it prepares you for the Mid Term and final. I would strongly recommend him to everyone.

He has been the coolest and best professor I’ve had during my four year at BK College. He gives weekly quizzes, a midterm and a take home final, just do some work and you’ll get a good grade. He is understandable, flexible and very supportive of his students. I would definitely take him again for another course.

I think Professor Bassell is an excellent teacher. He lets you leave early and gives you a take home final. He does give weekly quizzes that are annoying but if you can get over them then I would take this class.

very nice professor. Gives a lot of take home quizzes. Gives you the ques to the midterm before the exam. You have to memorize and take the exam. He gives a take home final. Very knowlegeable in this subject.

Prof. Bassell is an excellent Professor. He gives a lot of himself to make sure that every student is mastering the materials. He gives a lot of quizes, but they are meant to prepare you for your mid-term and final. I recommend him highly.

He was somewhat easy but the quizzes, boy it seemed like they would never end. But I must say that it did help in the end when it came time for the midterm and final. Once you study the quizzes you’ll be ok. I would definitely take him again for another course.

Professor Basell is an excellent Professor. He gives a lot of quizes at the beginning of the class, but his quizes are meant to prepare you for your mid-term and final. He is very helpful and always available to talk to you. If you are looking to learn, this is the Professor for you.

He is a great professor!! He is always there to help his students.He is very knowledgeable about the subject.

Excellent professor, answer all questions with professionalism and education. Everything he teach in class is on his weekly test, tests that help in midterm and finals. One of a few teachers who check homework and assignments. His E-mails about assigments help me a lot up to the end of class.

Gives a lot of work (a quiz or test every week), but they are very fair, and all the tests are mainly based on the quizzes. He encourages you to partake in class lectures, as well as asking any questions you may have. Overall, he is a good/ fair professor.

Professor Basell is a great professor, very helpfull and makes his classes both fun and informative. He gives a lot of work, but if you study his quizes you cannot fail.