Student Reviews 2006

Dr. Myles Bassell

Very nice professor who’s very open in helpfing his students. I personally think this teacher is one of the coolest one’s out there. So if you have a chance to get into his class, go for it! You will see what i mean when he defines the word cool

Very cool guy, but don’t take his kindness for weekness…As long as you attend class and do your homework and submit them in time, you are 80% sure you’ll pass… Once again great guy who really takes his job seriously… although he is very realx and cool…

Great Prof.Keeps u abreast by email of assignments & preparation for test.Projects are time consuming & long.Very knowledgeable & will learn alot from him. ALWAYS available to students & cares about your progress & future.Must take if u r not lazy Highly recommended.Great looking & dresses nicely. Definately will take him again! Great for bus.major

SICK TEACHER!!! had a great time in his class…. hes funny and makes class fun… lets us out early sometimes for the hell of it and even canceled our final! i still learned a lot from Prof Bassell and would def take him again. GREAT PROFESSOR!!!! A++++++

Once I took his class, I don’t want to take any other business classes from any other professors. I wish he can teach more business courses. He can remember most of his students and send you email at 3am in the morning to remind you the important events. come to every class, follow his instruction and do the homeworks, you will get a A!!!

Will take it again if get a chance)

I love this class and the prof is great. The material is presented in a fun way with a lot of relevant examples to help understand, very clear and with a lot of humor. Prof. Gives study guides from which the test is consisted, so you know all the questions before the day of the test. Easy A. the prof. is available for any questions and any help and

Gre-eat Professor! Absolutely pleasure to work with: makes class interesting and helpful; always with positive attitude and in a good mood "no one will fail my class"; gives copies of exams with answers, on the actual exam will give exact questions and hints (!!!); available to students and ready to help 24/7. A must be taken professor.

I think Professor Bassell is a great instructor. He is a intelligent individual, helpful, answers all your questions, can assist in help inside classroom and the business world outside. I totally recommend him for anyone interested in taking business courses with someone there to help you. Oh he is very fashionable!

Myles Bassell is an amazing professor! He is the best professor at Brooklyn College. He makes the class interesting and encourages students to value cultural diversity. He really knows his stuff and tells jokes. He is always available to help students and makes and extra effort to help students be successful. Prof. Bassell gets A+++ 🙂

Very freindly and always helpfull

The best teacher I have had at Brooklyn College by far. Not only was the class very informative, the assignments paralelled work actually done in the field which is great training. Take him for any class, he is a great instructor as well as a great person – you wont regret it.

Professor Bassell is an easy going, cool, professor. He gives the class the info needed to pass. He’s readily accessible for students. If you want to pass his class, focus mostly on studying for the exams. He gives projects too which aren’t too bad considering you can actually learn something new through the research. Take him if you want an A.

Thrugh this class i gained vluable insights about management appluied to mass – media. This will help me in the future build my own company. I think this course should be enforced by guet speakers who are active in the media to show how they apply manegement concepts in their media- networks. I really advice student to take this course because it w

Professor Bassell is a great teacher and a cool guy. He really understands that students ARE people too. Very easy to talk too as well as helpful Take him, you’ll pass!!

Myles Bassell is an awesome instructor! He is sincere and enthusiastic. He brings an enormous amount of management experience and knowledge into the classroom. The class is interesting and fun. I highly recommend him. Believe the hype !! He rocks!!

This guy is great,Don’t make his bark fool you,underneath is the most adorable,sweet gentleman.I told him he was great so this won’t be news to him,just hope you guys will enjoy the class.

Energetic, professional, and knowledgable. Lively class.

This Professor is by far the best I have had in my entire life. He is extremely approachable, his assignments are VERY FAIR !!! Just dont be RUDE or disrespectful to him or any other student. He is a very smart man and knows exactly what his goals are for every single class. He shares his real life travel experiences which I think helps a lot !

Great teacher, very skilled, with sweet personality, and good humor, are just some of the qualities of prof.Bassell.If you want to find out more take his class!!!! You will not regret it unless you are extremely lazy! Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!!

This professor is the most accessable and caring i have had yet. He really cares about his job and puts in the extra effort. If you do the same he will reward you for it. You will come away with something more then just an A from this class. Take him.