Student Reviews 2007

great professor

He is EXTREMELY helpful when it comes to being there all he time to help his students. He has a great sense of humor. If you work hard, you will get the grade that you deserve. Don’t be scared of the homework assignmentts and the test.

Professor Bassel is one of a kind. He inspires you to always give your best and he always appreciates your efforts. I highly recomend this professor if you want to learn real things about the business world. His teachings even helped me in my own real job!

Professor Bassel is AWESOME. His assignments and teaching style helped me to actually learn and ENJOY it! He’s a wonderful professor, he is always willing and available to help with any questions you may have and he also provides guidance with resumes & career planning. He’s caring & wants his students to suceed in the classroom and in thier lives.

Brooklyn College needs more professors like Prof. Bassell. His is indeed one of a kind. Of course his classes are not easy, the work is tremendous, but he is understanding, kind, and is willing to help in any way that he can. If you have the chance, take him, you won’t regret it! PROF BASSELL YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

Helpful. Understanding. Always answers questions promptly at any time of day. Learned a lot in his class. HW counts for about 75% so read the book.

Prof. Bassell is very helpful and available for students at all tmies. I took this class in summer and it was a lot of work but it helped to prepare for exams. Prof. Bassell is fair grader and stated clearly what he requires from students. He is very intelligent and his way of teaching is excellent. The class is educational and interesting.

I highly reccommend Prof. Bassel to anyone! Not only is he a very good teacher, but he takes pride in what he does and goes the extra mile to ensure all of his students understand the material. He is very accessible and does not hesitate to lend a helping hand. However, this class is not for slackers. You must be able to put in time and work!

Professor Bassell is th emost helpful professor I have ever had in Brooklyn College. I have never met a professor who truly cares about his students until I began this course. You are lucky to have him as a teacher.

Great teacher very understanding. You will learn a lot in his class.

Professor Bassell is certainly one of the best out there in BC! If youre lookin for a great helpful man with a sense of humor, do not hesitate. Oh, and remember that management does not mean coming to the office with a suitcase n a cup of Starbucks!

Professor Bassell is an awesome professor. He has motivated me and made me realize that that someone in BC is willing to give a helping hand. His workload may seem overwhelming but you can actually learn from him. I highly recommend him for all those that are interested in succeeding and serious about preparing for a career and successful future.

Excellent Professor

Take him, his one of the best professors in brooklyn college. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Professor Bassell is an amazing instructor. He really provides an exciting, interesting, great learning experience. He genuinely carees for his students and allows us to reach our highest potential utilizing the knowledge gained in the course. He’s the best professor I’ve had!

Mr B is a wonderful professor… He’s always there to give a helping hand when needed and pushes you to strive for the best. One of the best prof in Brooklyn College…

I had Profess B. spring 2007 semester. Best professor i’ve ever had. Make sure you study the study guides and just hand in your EASY to do study guide chapters. Gives great tips while in class so we are prepared for the future. Always writes back e-mail so0o fast its not even funny. I’ll def take another course with him again.

he is an amazing teacher that peaks your interest in the subject matter…He cares about each student as if he were tutoring one on one…If all teachers were like this on a collegiate level it would make attaining a 4.0 GPA unavoidable!!! This is definitely one of my favorite teachers in life and this class has been a memorable experience for me!

One of those professor who are teaching 24/7. Extremely helpful and always there for his students

GREAT professor!!! Lots of work but really easy if you do the work.

Prof. Bassell deserves a award for his knowledge about the business field and how he gets students involve in the learning process. He’s the best professor I had at Brooklyn College!

You have to show your effort in the class.


The besy professor in BC!! love his class!!interesting and very educating. Even though there is work to do it’s interesting and not so bad.

the best!

Knowledgabe in marketing… nice guy, takes the time to know students and answers all emails.

Professor Bassell is by far the smartest business professor ive taken so far in BC. His teaching skills are impressive and easy to follw and as long as you take notes and listen to each lecture you should be fine. Hnds down one of the best prof in BC

he is by far the coolest professor

Read the book, do your study guide and the rest is history. Very excellent Prof., you can reach him anytime.

show to class, do ur homework assignments, and you are through, the class is a nice combination of fun and knowledge. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Show to class read the book, ask question and its a cake walk. A fair teacher.

study the study guides he gives you and you will certainly receive an A for his class. Professor Bassell is a helpful teacher who will just try to help you out and teach you everything you need to know about business. His class was my favorite one in my first semester.