Student Reviews 2009

He is definitely one of the best professors at Brooklyn College. Hes funny and relatable. All you have to do is follow his outline and its a guaranteed A.

A++ professor!!! He is the best professor in BC college~~~ I took both of his class- Bus 50.2 and Bus 50.5 He love all of his student. He will never ignore his students. He will try to explain evrything very clearlly and will let student know what is going to be on the exam. But students will need to do the work that he gives out if you guys want A

He is a funny and nice professor. He always replies students’ email or text message right away. Caring about his students very much, really wants people to learn the subject.

Great professor, explains everything, basically tells you exactly what you need to know for the test. The class participated in writing a marketing plan which really helped put all the information we learned in class into real world context. It was a great experience, highly recommended.

He is a really cool guy. I was failing the whole semester, but I passed his final even didnt do well on his marketing plan. I sat back and let him talk. take note do the online quiz, do all of them. he is really a good guy. i got a c+

Prof, Bassell is the best and he shows interest in his student work. I recommend evryone to take his class.

Brooklyn College needs more professors like him.

Truely I believe he is one of the best, generous and kindest prof. I have known in my college years. Please don’t call him awful, because you fail to put some efforts,instead consider yourself as your own enemy for your lazyness. Best professor ever.

He is the by far the best professor I have ever had. He has sound knowledge of what he teaches. Hes so professional. He has proved himself an asset to Brooklyn College. He so concerned about his students’ success. Hes superlative, Hes the champion. I will miss his class a lot.

Coach is best professor. He really cares about his students and does everything to set them up for success. Those that say he plays favorites are out of their minds. You can’t get an A if you fail exams and hand in assignments weeks late. He gives you access to the material months in advance !!! You just have to put in the effort.

Professor Bassell is a cool dude …and great professor at that !!!

professor bassel is the best! his lectures are great! He helps students a lot – he is really caring. I learned a lot from him. Everything on the test is given for you to study! I definitely recommend him!! Hope to see him again. Easy A+ =D

Great Professor, makes you work, but is very understanding. I failed his first test, he curved it into a C under 1 condition, that i do better on the next, which I did. Had a 78 on next test, then last test had a 84. r’d a B for class. Funny, Brings pizza with music into class. gives u a gift if u get a 100 Overall Great Professor just study notes

Coach is just awesome. He really helped me believe in myself and made me see that sometimes the impossible just is possible. What he teaches in the classroom will be applicable not just to the class but to your other classes. He will be your mentor even after you no longer have in as a professor and that is a rarity at BC

Professor Bassell is a great teacher the best I have ever had he is extremely heipful and can be reached at all times. The weekly quizzes were very helpful it help you to remember the materials. Professor B is an all around great guy. I wish I could have taken another class with him. He is a terrific teacher.

Professor Bassell is a great teacher the best I have ever had he is extremely heipful and can be reached at all times. The weekly quizzes were very helpful it help you to remember the materials. Professor B is an all around great guy. I wish I could have taken another class with him. He is a terrific teacher.

Professor Bassell is an awesome teacher. He really knows what sudents look for in a course.

Professor Bassell is an exceptional professor. He’s always available to assist his students in whatever way necessary for them to be high achievers. This professor ROCKS!!!

This dude is a ROCKSTAR!!!

This marketing class was hard work, but professor B made it exciting.

the best professor I’ve had at Brooklyn so far!

Very fun and helpful

Best teacher I ever had. If you listen in class and do the quizes, you’ll get an A. Lecture is very clear and FUN, all the work and tests are easy and straightforward. Class is easy, and there are no surprises. Definitely taking him again, and would recommend to any1 who wants a fun semester and an easy A with a great professor!

great teacher, helps you out a lot, gives weekly quizzes to do online for hw which helps and makes you get through the text. if you have any qs he will always help you and will make time for you. he is funny, nice and interesting and would be the best prof for u to take the class with. 100% take him if you have the chance. i would take him again.

Professor Bassell is thee ideal professor that most students hope for. I was amazed at how he always found the time to be attentive to all of our questions/concerns. If you are looking to actually learn and remember what you have learned throughout the course – as well as share a few laughs, I would highly recommend Professor B.!!! He Rocks!!!

i taught i was going to pull my hair out at times, this was my first online class great all around not forgetting fun. the knowledge gained is priceless to business students i would highly recommend this class to a friend

When any student takes Professor Bassell, they will soon realize that his teaching method and his communication skills resemble none like any other professor a student will EVER encounter. His real world experiences have assisted him in being as knowledgeable as he is to teach all of his courses. He genuinely cares for the success of his students!!

Professor Bassell is exceptional!! He goes above and beyond by extending himself to his students in every effort, in and outside the classroom, to help them become high achievers. He’s an inspiration!!! His classes are a breath of fresh air from which you will gain a wealth of knowledge. Kudos to Professor Bassell!!!

it’s a shame that not all teachers/professors are like him. He makes students want to learn.I have learned more in this short time (Winter Intersession) then in some classes I’ve had during regular semesters. Many students will learn a lot from him. Coach is one of those people that inspire others