Student Reviews 2011

This professor is amazing. he is very hard in the begginning of semester but bby the end of semester we got 5 student appriciation days and we able to study for final. There was not paper in this clas which was also easy. It was an easy A for me!!!

Excellent Professor one of the best at Brooklyn College. Total command of the topics that he teaches. Highly recommend.

Great Professor. Highly recommend!!!

Bassell is amazing!!!Absolutely recommend him! Your GPA will go up! At first he comes up a bit intimidating, but he is VERY reasonable.The class I took was a hybrid and in the first month and half of the semester we were already done with 80% of the work load. Just do the work and he will work with you. The man is not afraid to give an A+. Enjoy!

He is the best eva. Take him without thinking.. I am fighting to get in to his spring classes.. Thanx for all the help Prof. You are the best

He is the best Professor I have never met with great professional, helpful, attentive and encouraging. Highly recommend!!!

Great Professor! Very helpful, attentive, with good sence of humor, always encouraging. Highly recommend!!!

Amazing professor. Very helpful, and charismatic. A real pleasure to be in his class. No wonder everyone becomes his friend immediately which makes the class a real joy. This is not to say that the assignments are easy, but to my opinion they should not be. It’s a great strategy to make everyone work hard and learn a lot. The best professor in BC

I will highly recommend Professor Bassell. Being a International Student is hard in the first semester but Professor Bassell had given enough support, his way of teaching course and reminding the HW was awesome. I gain lot of knowledge, strategies and lucky got paid internship.Don’t miss his class!

Bassell is a GREAT professor. Always available to his students and genuinely interested in their success. If you have the chance to take him DO IT! I learned a lot and had a great time.

Wow! He is a knowledgeable,passionate, funny, and helpful professor. I am taking both his managerial accounting and income tax courses this semester. He is the best professor I ever had!!!!

He is the best! Take him, you will never regret….

Great Coach! always available to students. He will try his best to help his students to be successful.

I took managerial accounting with him this semester and I’m still amazed at his level of commitment to his students.He goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is always well prepared, helpful and enthusiastic. I can’t wait to take his tax course in the spring.

The material for the course was a bit difficult for me but he helped me through it. Very good professor. Take him.

Great class, very informative professor, he posses a rare combination of passion and intelligence. He sincerely cares about the success of his students and is also very accessible.

The best Professor at Brooklyn College. Loves working with his students. goes beyond his duties as a Professor. Willing to help out anyone who needs it. always available for his peeps. Coach is great!!

I have never came across a professor like him in Brooklyn College.He is one of a kind and such a great motivator to doing better.He genuinely cares for his students and their understanding of the material.Although this was a fully online course any questions i had he would answer in the most quickest way possible,he is always available for students

Take this class. This is the best professor in the business department. He will give you all the help you need if you ask for it. The class is a easy A if you read the Publication 17 PDF file from the IRS website. He gives all information in advance so you can decide if you want to take the class. No surprises at all.



Professor Bassell is a great teacher! I took him for Marketing and Int’l Human Resources. Both classes were super helpful for my job and I learned a lot new concepts and ideas. Mr. Bassell assigns very interesting Case Studies and is extremely helpful, clear and fair. He wants you to learn!

Professor Bassell is more than a teacher he is a Coach! He is very helpful and always willing to lend a helping hand. Even if it means going out of his way and going the extra mile.

Thank you so much for this amazing class, for your time, and willingness to teach us. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. Have a good summer … you deserve it. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to be your student, and I am very thankful for it. Thank you for all your support and continous help.

He is the best Prof. at Brooklyn College. Love to help students. He is the best coach and teacher I ever had. If you are a bus., Econ, or Acct. major, you must take his classes. You will learn a lot from him in the class and about your future career. He gives excellent advices. Register to his classes As early as possible.

He is the best teacher I ever had. Very helpful and kind. You will learn a lot from him. He directs students to the right path. I advice every student who is majoring in BUS,ACCT or Econ to take his classes. You will not only learn about the subject that he is teaching but also about the real world of business, ACCT, econ., and your future career.

The most helpful professor anytime, anywhere. Concepts are not abstract difficult notions for which students can find little real life relevance but ideas they will use in other classes and the real world. If you want the best you must take Bassell.

Professor Bassell is more available to his students than any other anywhere! Students learn alot and not just abstract concepts to which they wonder where the application to everyday life is, but concepts that are relevant useful in several areas of their lives and particularly in other courses.

There is no other class you will learn more from. The course work is not hard just heavy or sometimes overbearing. You will need to schedule more time for his class than any most others. Bottom line is be prepared to work.

Professor Bassell was an outstanding instructor. His goals for the course were made clear, and although it was an online class, his communication was excellent. I highly recommend Professor Bassell’s BUSN 7255 course.

He is the best Prof in Brooklyn college. Take him without hesitation. His classes are very helpful. He is always available to answer any questions you might have and always understands the student?s need. If you want to learn and enjoy the class take Prof Bassell. It is not easy to get a seat in his class so register early.

Always the best one in Brooklyn College. Really enjoy the class but it is hard to find the open seats in his class.

Coach is and always will be a great Professor. He is and always will be there for his students. This was my 4th time as his student. The book was an easy read and believe it or not very enjoyable. Read the book and you will be fine

Professor Bassell, Coach is by far the epitome of an exceptional educator. His Entrepreneurial Small Business class challenged me and Coach supported & encouraged me and my cohorts every step of the way. Yes, the class consisted of lots of reading, but the assignments were thought provoking, and empowering. Coach Bassell-BEST professor EVER!

best professor ever. Textbook and assignments are not easy but way worth it: designed to learn a lot! very fair, extremely helpful. will give you what you deserve

Great Professor and really care about student 🙂 very helpful and enjoy the course. Looking forward to take more courses with him.

If you want a class where you learn alot, have a clear workload, get the grade you deserve and have a profesor who genuinely wants you to succeed Professor Bassell’s classes are for you. I’ve taken multiple classes with Coach and have gotten grades from a B+ to an A+ directly corrsponding how hard i worked.

Professor Bassell is a considerate and reliable individual, who is very concerned about ALL his students. I would highly recommend him to any student. Coach is just the best professor ever and ever!!

if you take Professor Bassell be prepare to work hard because he is really passionate about his work and teaching. you will definitely learn a lot about your course work.

The Best professor I every Had. Very helpful in every way, understanding, caring, and passionate to see students get an "A".. you can do it, yes you can. I took both 7202 and 7240 and got a B+, coach said with his help I could do it and he kept his promise. If you want to learn and be successful take all of Professor Bassell’s classes.

Very helpful professor who really care about his student. Enjoy his course!

Great Professor, Don’t hesitate to take his class, He is a world greatest Professor :):) 🙂 Always helpful, always there for you, Make sure to hand in work on time, and try your best 🙂 And you will get an A

The difference between other excellent professors and M. Bassell is that this is a Teacher at heart!! Besides his competitive skills to teach and to instruct, this professor INSPIRES and MOTIVATES the students to succeed!! Unlike all other teachers, for M. Bassell OUR future success is important, and he DOES believe in us!!!

The realest Professor in Brooklyn College. If it wasn’t for my graduating this year I would’ve love to take more classes with him!!!

Professor Bassell is a great professor for online class. He makes it very easy for you to follow whats going on, he sends emails and updates. He grades assignments very fast. Also he is always available and quick to respond to questions.


BEST COACH EVA EVA…Coach is one of the best professors at Brooklyn College. He pushes students, you should definitely take him.

The best professor that Brooklyn College has to offer. Understands that there is a life outside his classroom and sets his expectations for the class way ahead of time so students can complete assignments. This was my second class with Professor Bassell and I highly recommend him. He is always willing to help and motivate students.

How should I begin this Professor Bassell is the greatest professor ever. For years, I have always wanted a professor that i could not just attend his course but one that I can admire and learn from.Coach puts the B in the word BEST.Looking for a professor that goes above and beyond Coach is your man he should be the President of BC. TAKE HIM!!

Best Professor at Brooklyn College. Very understanding, Very helpful, Very interesting and always willing to extend himself to his students. Recommended very highly. This if your guy If you want to learn about the Business world… AWESOME COACH!!!

Prof. Bassell, who rather wants like to be called Coach is indeed, the finest educator that I have ever met. He is thorough, but carries his students along. He is always available via text messages, emails and even physically to attend to his students, which included me. He is the kind of professor, whose sincere interest is his students success.

if you have only one option to select among millions of professors pick Prof. Bassel..He is not only your prof but your Coach and your best friend..I got A by the way.

One of the BESTEST Professors Ever!!! Please do yourself a favor and take his class. You will learn a lot & you will have fun. If you have any questions he will reply to your emails right away24/7. Every step of the way the coach will be there for you…he will coach you thru it..Many of my friends took his classes & they are happy they did!

Took both undergrad and graduate courses with Coach Bassell. 3 words to describe him best prof alive. If u have the privilede to take any of his courses do it. Will be the best educational choice of ur life. Be real with him and he will guide u thru the course and simplify all of the work. I thank him for being my prof. and coach it was an honor.

I took two graduate courses with Prof. Bassell (Coach) this semester (BUS 7210 and 7220), I won’t lie it was a lot of work (it is a graduate’s after all)but he made it sooooo easy. He was available to assist me all semester. I’ve sent him emails, texts, phone call to help me understand the materials at all times throughout the day and he was there

I have never written a comment about any professor, but after my outstanding experience with Professor Bassell, I felt the urge to let students know this burst of uniqueness and what a true example of a professor really is. He is the best Prof ever. he is always there to answer your questions, truly 24/7. I highly recommend him. He is very very Ve

The best Professor ever…..he is always there to answer your questions truely a 24/7 on call Professor. I have taken three classes with hima and enjoyed them all.

EXCELLENT PROFESSOR!!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend him. He is very very helpful and out for his students’ best interests.

He is the Best Business Professor I’ve ever had!!!! His lectures are entertaining & he sticks to the point. Very strait forward, no tricks or gimmicks like other professors! TRUST ME, TAKE HIS CLASS!!

Seriously, where do I begin First of all I would like to say, that It is my last semester in school and I have never written a comment about any professor, but after my astounding experience with Professor Bassell, I felt the urge to let students know this burst of uniqueness and what a true example of a professor really is.

Seriously, where do I begin First of all I would like to say, that It is my last semester in school and I have never written a comment about any professor, but after my astounding experience with Professor Bassell, I felt the urge to let students know this burst of uniqueness and what a true example of a professor really is.

Being from a different school and getting permission to take a business course in Brooklyn College, I was fortunate enough to land on the most PHENOMINAL professor in the world. Let alone the fact that I learned so much, I also met a professor, a mentor and someone I can genuinely look up to.