Student Reviews 2012

Online exams and quizzes. Homework is submitted online through blackboard. Sends a lot/long email reminders. Replies to responses fairly quick.

He will work with you just do your work and try

BEST PROFESSOR! VERY helpful and grades fair.

Very understanding and insightful Professor. Hurricane Sandy affected me drastically but Mr. Bassell did everything possible to help. Great class! Even better professor! The weekly assignments are very reliant on the textbook, but are also very simple and concise. No complaints!

For his online class Bassell was very clear in what he wanted for all assignments. He sent regular emails and BB updates and always encouraged us to do well. He is available 24/7 for students. Very easy going and humorous…a must take!

I took 3 classes with him and got 3 A+ 🙂 You also should take him if you want a higher GPA ! He is so clear, sooooo helpful,he knows how to teach,he is so funny besides teaching responsibility, you can contact him 24/7,gives eas assignments,makes the class interesting and enjoyable!! Exactly the best prof ever!! You will exactly love his classes:)

Professor Bassell is a great professor. He knows what he is teaching and can explain it well. You can contact him 24/7 for any issue. He is dedicated to help you succeed in any way he can. His classes are straight forward. Follow the syllabi and you will succeed. You will love his classes.

I was wasn’t sure online course was the best choice for me. But to my surprise the Professor always keep in touch with the students, he constantly sent emails reminding us of our projects and assignments and he always encourage students to email or text him if we had any questions. Overall this course was good and the instructor was excellent.

He is a hard a** i thought i was gonna fail bt i was in constant touch with him. I failed my mid bt still pulled out a B. He wants students to care,be active ,and participating in his class. He dont tolerate laziness at all. Call him txt him and he will assist u as much as he can



Professor Bassell has been a wonderful Coach! I’m currently taking 2 classes of his Grad courses. He always responds to all emails and messages promptly. He sends reminder e-mail to help you stay on track. All in all, a wonderful and encouraging professor who makes sure you become well rounded in the course topic in fun and interesting ways. 🙂

I never was interested in this subject. I was worried that I would be confused. Prof Bassell has the strength and talent to to explain complex concepts and motivate students. I learned a lot. Thank you Prof.

Interesting class. Professor is very helpful.

I’ve been through Brooklyn college for my bachelors degree and now going for my masters. I must say never have I had such an outstanding and incredible professor as Professor Bassell or aka Coach. He really cares for every student and goes the extra mile to be very reasonable, fair and understanding. Highly reccomended and two thumbs up!!

So far he’s been my favorite professor. Not only he’s an excellent instructor but he’s very eager to help his students any way he can, super great at getting back to you as soon as possible. Very generous and fair. Definitely take this class. It’s a joy to learn from the coach!

Very Helpful Professor, would highly recommend. Work must be done but student is sure to remember what was taught. Professor is very patient and takes student’s sucess seriously. HIghly recommended

He is the best prof ever 🙂 very helpful, enthusiastic about teaching, makes the class interesting and enjoyable, post the syllabus 2 months before the class starts, well organized.. I wish I could take all 33 credits from him ! Love you Professor ! 🙂

Professor was amazing, i originally had Bhattacharya but he was in an accident halfway through the semester but Bassell volunteered to teach teh class. He is smart, funny, entertaining, very detailed, and also he tkes the time to make sure everyone understands the lesson.

BEST PROFESSOR in the world, at least the best professor among ALL the profs you’ve your entire life! Strong yet clear and perfect fit voice/tone! Very knowledgeable! very prepare! FUNNY, ENERGIZED, EXCEPTIONAL, friendly, interesting that the whole class was paying attention to him! WOW! Impressive lecture! Thanks u very much COACH!! (Weisong Chen)

Can I hear a holla??!! This guy is the best!

Professor Bassell was a fascinating teacher to learn from. You will want to go to his classes for the envigorating lectures that make you want to learn the subject and pay attention. I would love to take another course with Prof. Bassell, he is able to teach you much more than what is in the book.

He is the best professor to have in Brooklyn College. He is clear and to the point with all of his lectures. Best of all he makes everything interesting. Laughter was common in his class which made class enjoyable.

Professor Bassell took over the 2nd half of my Intro to Managment class after Dr. B got sick, and he was amazing. He shows interest in the subject and really just wants his students to do well.

Great Professor!! Makes learning enjoyable. Take him and you’ll be writing the same review next semester.

great guy, funny, and he gets the point. really reccomend him to anyone reading this! i wanna thank him for self sacrificing his time while dr. b has been out. i want to take more classes with him in the near future!!!

He is a Great professor. Oh My God. Just take my words for it. At first i wasn’t so confident but after the first class i changed my mind.

He is a very enthusiastic professor who will keep you interested in the topic at hand.

Professor Bassel came halfway through our semester to take place of a former professor. I have to say, I am SO glad that he came to teach us. Not only was he crystal clear when he was lecturing us, but he also made very helpful jokes that made us remember information. All in all, if anyone needs to take another business class, choose him!

Very kind and knowledgeable professor! Definitely would recommend him to my friends. He seems to care about his students a lot.

Taxation in itself is a hard subject. It’s a lot to learn and remember in one semester. Prof. Bassell is always available. He is more than clear in what he expects. If you had a problem you could text him and he would try to help. Granted it was a lot this semester but the syllabus was 9 pages we shouldn’t have thought this was going to be easy.

If you have an option to take any one of Professor Bassell classes, by all means do! I’m taking him for a second class now, and he is simply on top of his game. He’s very organized and goes above and beyond to help his students. In fact, he is the epitome of what a professor should be and many others pale in comparison.

Coach is an excellent Professor, He is there for you 100%. Coach inspires you to do your best He makes you want to strive to be all you can be

Yes, the best professor in the whole wide world. Genuinely interested in his students’ success. His knowledge of business is superb and he has the ability to motivate with that knowledge and enthusiasm. He has given me much needed hands on experience in all aspects of the business world. I look forward to more classes with Prof. Bassell.

The best Professor in the world!!! He even posted his tax lectures on YouTube. No one knows more about taxes than coach Bassell. He should be the president of H&R Block.

The course was organized very well . All home work assignment were given a head of time. Professor was very helpful. Responded to my questions right away. Overall it was an interesting course. And I am planning on taking my other courses with this Professor.

he is perfect!!!

One of the best professor, he gives lots of work but he is very fair. Don’t take his class if u r lazy. His class is very exciting, he is knowledgable and interestiing. the people complaining did not do any work.

Hands down the professor at Brooklyn College…extremely helpful and really truly wants everyone to do well…i highly doubt ill ever have a better professor he is a MUST TAKE!!!

He is the best prof I’ve ever had!he is amazing! Don’t hesitate to take his class,you will learn a lot!he is very helpful, responsive,fair in grading,well organized..Prof Bassell is really enthusiastic about teaching.Do the assignments,you will get an easy A+ !!! I wish I could take all 33 credits from him! Love you professor, you are the best!!!

Professor, you are the best. Unbelievable Best. One of the best professor in my life. I was very worried about the course. I never will forget your help and support. I really love you professor. I’m so happy today. Thank you again for everything


Prof. Bassell is amazing! He is truly a great coach?for business and for life. He thoroughly knows the material that he teaches and is very passionate about helping each and every student he comes into contact with. He is amazing, he always makes himself available for all students. He is inspirational and very educated and the class was amazing!