Student Reviews 2013

Took intl marketing online with him. Very nice person and will do anything to help you and make things clear. There is hw every week of short video clips , if you the work, you will get an A. I got an A 🙂

BEST PROFESSOR EVERRRR!!!!!! Take Coach B for every class that you can. He is the best. Absolutely no regrets.

Very well organized, class was extremely fun. Some hw assignments are very long with a 2,000 word response for each question…. but you learn by doing

Best professor I’ve had at Brooklyn College so far! Has excellent communication with students. The homework he gives you for this class prepares you well for his exams (though some of his exam questions can be somewhat tricky). Be sure to complete your homework assignments on the night they are due. Take his class, you will not regret it at all!

He is a great teacher and coach. You will learn a lot from his class. The exams and HW are fair. Very cool teacher. Loves to help and support his students. His class and materials are well organized.

awesome professor!crystal clear lectures and very fair assignments.

Hybrid class. online discussions and quizes. Lot of work to do but not that difficult. Very helpful. Do not hesitate to take his class.