Student Reviews 2016

Coach is the best ever.

Coach B is the best Hands Down

The Best Coach Ever!!!!!

If you do not take professor Myles Bassell you are missing out on life. One of the best professors at BC. Yes work load is a bit heavy, but hey You are in grad school so live up to the expectations. He prepares you for the real market place. All assignments are set in place to increase your effectiveness in a workplace. You learn lot from him.

The course is fun, but the professor makes it more joyable.

Professor Bassell is the best. Classes are fun, you will learn a lot by doing the homeworks.

Great Professor with nice feedback.

Wise and knowledgeable professor, prepares you for the exams, all assignments are submitted through blackboard, simple and no nonsense. Hybrid class, about 80% online, very convenient for full time working students. Highly recommend him

Professor Bassell is very respected and well experienced on the subject matter. I recommend him to future students.

Amazing Professor!!! He has lectures taped and posted on his YouTube channel which is amazing to study for exams or just to understand the material. Will not recommend anyone else especially for a class like taxation. He is alway available for students question and will not leave you lost in his class like some other professors. He truly cares!!

Great class!! Coach B is the best everrrr!!! He informed us that this class was going to be a “show & tell” experience & his words were true to life. We learned about focus groups & the different types of scales used in everyday surveys. Coach B not only told us that our success was his #1 priority; he showed us by his actions. BIG UP COACH B!!

Coach is the real MVP of BC. Class was a hybrid which met in person once a month. Workload reduced and tests given online. Older version of textbook to save money. If you take another professor over Bassell then you need to go get your head checked out at the neurologist.

Absolutely MUST take. Authentic college experience! He sends constant email updates packed with useful reminders links to surveys related to current chapters. And then there’s the snacks! ohh the wonderful snacks he would bring for an enormous 100 student lecture. Legendary. Do yourself a favor and take his course.

He is an amazing professor who will always be there to answer nay questions you may have. He is very understanding of your personal life and how hard it is to juggle full time work school and family life. Definitely taking him again!

Coach Bassell is BAE! Love him. Truly cares about his students. Very understanding professor who helps make life between full-time work & school manageable. Very straightforward HW assignments. Available to answer any questions you may have, and guide you along the way 24/7, literally. He is a Gem! #Bassell2020

Coach B for president!!! Taking Bassell is a must. He’s the best thing Brooklyn College has got. Every class is fun, every class is useful. You ALWAYS learn something you can take away into your professional and everyday life. He’s not just a professor but a mentor to every single one of his students. BEST COACH EVAAA!! This review is for 4 courses

Professor Bassell is amazing and he cares about all of his students. You will be able to access him whenever you need. All of his classes are fun. Great Mentor. Must take his class.

I want say that, Professor Myles Bassell is a great coach ever. I never found a good professor like him. He always try to make his student successful because success of his entire student his number one priority. His motivational words are Yes You Can Do It and finally we did it. He believes in learning by doing assignments and its really helpful

I definitely have to say that Professor Bassell is the best Coach you will have while you are in Brooklyn College!He really does care for you and your busy life outside of class!He gives you some awesome advice for your future career!And just like he says from the first lecture you can access him 24/7 and he responds to all concerns!He is a gem!

Learning Material is from a wide area, the learning goal is always achieved, introduction to new software

One of the greatest professors EVERRRRRR! Honored to be able to learn from this man. He wishes nothing but the best for all students and does all he can to try and help. He makes class fun and enjoyable, especially for graduate courses. I would take Professor Bassell for every course if i could


Professor Bassell does a lot on our Blackboard page, but the bread and butter is his collection of production-quality “client stories” videos and the behind the scenes of the Operations of the global economies. The motivation behind every e-mail or every assignment pushes you to do better.

The professor is uniquely kind, friendly, and helpful.

he’s the best

an amazing professor who really understands that brooklyn college students have hectic lives and helps as much as he can to make the college experience a little more bearable.. Nearly impossible not to get a good grade in this class

It is a good experience.

Good experience.

Best prof. ever i’ve ever taken. seriously.

He ia an amazing professor, simple. He actually cares about his students and the information you learn in his class. Take notes, read the chapters, do his assignments and you can get an A. Take him you will not regret it! !!!

He is one the awesome professor I ever took . If I have chance to take him I will . He is the best!!!

Professor Bassell is an excellent Coach. He guides you through the class with the proper tools. He always says action speak louder than words and he means it. It was a pleasure taking Coach Bassell.

Coach/Professor Bassell is a great professor. He is very clear and concise about class material. He made his telephone number available so every student could access him anytime. He would reply your text/inquiry almost immediately. Great professor. I would recommend Professor Bassell anyway. Brooklyn College is lucky to have a professor like him.

Great professor with great attitude towards his students learning the material. Walked away with a wealth of information about Business Research.

Professor Bassell is not your average Professor in Brooklyn College or any college in particular. He really wants you to do great and be great. He expects nothing but the best from you and coach you all the way to make sure that it happens.

Best professor I ever had and I went to 4 different colleges. That should say alot lol

The start of a great future career if you can have him as a professor.

Prof. Bassell is the BEST!

Professor Bassell is very open, charismatic and inspirational. He is always there for you, like literally 24/7. His classes are always very interesting and funny. The best professor at Brooklym College for sure!

Very enthusiastic professor. Nice guy, makes the class very laid back and easy. He cares for students and actually wants you to pass. Although he is accessible outside of class, his responses are so vague. He rarely answers a question straightforward. Still a awesome professor. Hws, 2 exams both were online. Definitely recommend Bassell. Great prof

Prof. Bassell is an excellent coach, and he makes the class easy. He is very approachable whenever you may have any questions or concerns in reference to the course and career. I’d suggest you to take his classes.

EXCELLENT PROFESSOR!!! Always winning to help. you can literally text him 24/7 . Very outgoing and keeps the class alive.. Would def. recommend taking his classes!!

Professor Myles is a great teacher he makes sure all his assignment is well explained and if you have any questions he’s more than willing to answer.

Professor Bassell is really easygoing, and if you’re willing to do the work, hes willing to help you through it every step of the way.

Clear grading rubric

Prof Myles, he is the best prof on BL, he cares about his students, even thought the course is 80% online, he teaches the important concepts to us and make us easy to do the HW. No final, just 2 mid-term exams. I would like to take his course again.

Professor Bassell is awesome he gives a good amount of homework, but he is a fair grader and it ensures you understand the course material. His classroom is always interesting and he is there to help you along the way.

Professor Bassell is great, he gives a good amount of homework, but he is a fair grader and it ensures you understand the course material. His classroom is always interesting and he is there to help you along the way.

I can’t express enough gratitude for all his help, he never hesitates to assist he’s always patient with me and my crazy self, his teaching and passion for teaching students is impeccable. Professor Bassell is an inspiring and motivational educator and for that god will continue to open doors for him that HE never imagined.

Probably the best professor you could take in Brooklyn College. Always there for you literally. Best coach ever!

Professor Bassell is a remarkable professor, a true CUNY Star!! I love his teaching methods. You might find his assignments comprehensive but if you are willing to learn he will go out his way to assist you and make sure that you understand the course materials. This is what a real instructor does! I recommend Prof. Bassell for other students.

I had Professor Bassell last semester for Busn3100 and 3200. I don’t know where to start from because he is that great. Such a great professor ever. He is always there to help you even after your semester ends. I miss one of his sentence in all my classes now which is “Your success is my #1 priority”. Recommending him for everybody.

Professor Bassell is very considerate about your schedules as a parent, employee and student and tailors assignments with this in mind.

2 words – TAKE HIM! Take him if your working, take him if your life is beyond busy and feel like you can’t handle a class, just take him. You WILL work for your grade, BUT you come out fully understanding the course and the same amount of work you put in you will be rewarded with! He IS the most understanding professor you will ever have!!

Professor Basell is absolutely amazing. He’s very sincere, inspiring, and genuinely cares about his students success. He would do anything to help his students. He’s very funny and will always get your attention. He comes up with a lot of funny examples to illustrate his points and keep the class engaging. Prof. is chill and cool. He’s a must take

Your success is his #1 priority and he isn’t kidding. Hands down, the best professor I have ever had. He is very willing to go above and beyond to make sure you succeed. It’s one of those things where you have to take him to believe me, sort of thing.

This is my 4th class with Professor Bassell and I am yet to be disappointed. He is very thorough with his work and makes it very easy to learn. To make the lecture come alive he incorporates real life and everyday situations in efforts to make it relateable. As a student, your success is his priority.

Professor Bassell is so bae. He’s one of the best Professors at Brooklyn College.

BEST… PROFESSOR… EVAAARRR!! Seriously do yourself a favor and take a class with Bassell in Brooklyn College. He’s able to stimulate total interest in the subject for all students. His requirements to pass the class are straightforward and crystal clear. Challenging work but worth it in the end. It will really test your skills. Take him.

Took Coach Bassell for Busn 7279X Business Research, he makes class environment very interesting, knowledgeable and to the point that you want to participate. BEST PROFESSOR EVER!!! Must have the book and must do all assigned readings in order to do home works and be ready for the tests. Highly recommend to take this professor.