Student Reviews 2017

Dr. Myles Bassell

Grade consisted of 4 hw assignments (one of which was a huge case study) worth 30%, a midterm worth 15%, and the final worth 55%. Tests were about 3 weeks apart and in class, but it was nice taking the final early. He is a bit eccentric, but he really cares about you as a student and your success.

This professor is an amazing person inside and out. He has such positive energy and flows his energy to his students. He is readily available all the time and shows interest in the success of every student. He is for the students and his mission is to see you succeed. Keep doing an amazing job Prof Bassell, he truly inspires people in the best way!

I wish there were more professors like him, that make you want to learn and come to every single class no matter the weather, or how late the class is. His enthusiasm is contagious. The hw is a lot, but you learn a lot and he posts comments for each student on each assignment. Professor Bassell is a remarkable teacher and individual.

Coach Bassell, is an extraordinary teacher who cares about all his students and wants them to be successful. He teaches us to be honest and fair and knows all his students by name. He is always there when you need him, no matter what the day, time or circumstances may be. I wish there were more professors like him, that make you want to learn.

He is more than a professor but our coach and he motivates and encourages us with You can do it! Yes you can! The workload is enormous, but I learned a lot and he is always there for us. He dont just TELL us how, but SHOW us how to use SPSS and Excel with learning by doing HW. I appreciate everything he did and wish more professors are like him!

Thank you for your positive attitude and all your 24/7 support. I learned so much in your classes using SPSS and Excel. Our success really is your # 1 priority! You embrace diversity and encourage inclusiveness. It was a real pleasure to take your classes.

Simply The Best!!

Professor Bassell is amazing. He’s super fun and engaging, all of his lectures are great and interactive.

Any class with him is great. I really wish all of my professors were like him. He does everything possible to help you get a good grade, and he’s always available! Love this guy.

Bassell trained us in the most impeccable way possible. His Harvard case studies were very challenging, he gave us strict deadlines told us to follow the pattern in such a way that I am able to use it in my real life. The case studies he provided helped me get my dream job, he is the best person, caring coach and the most inspiring person ever!!!!!

Coach B is the best professor ever. He puts the student success as his priority and really does every to help us.

Best professor in Brooklyn college!

Professor Bassell classes are a strong recommendation because his teaching tactics and people skills are one of the best. He simply cares, he teaches and coaches meaning that he will make Sure you understand the work and criteria to be successful. You will definitely learn and be successful once you have taken this professor.

So far I took 5 classes with Professor Bassell. And I signed up for 2 more classes with him. He is a great professor. He truly cares for all of his students and tries his best to help us. He is a very fair grader. Take his class and you will not regret. He is one of the best professors I ever had!

He truly cares about his students and wants them all to succeed! He helped me get into a class thats already full. Taking 5 courses with this professor. Hes kind and very funny! Definitely a must have!

Professor Bassell Is definitely for the students. He’s accessible outside of class, always willing to help, holds a clear grading criteria and provides great feedback on submitted work. His courses are completely thorough, I completed the course feeling accomplished. I’m positive the covered material you’ll find interesting and useful in life .

Coach B is the best professor I have ever had the pleasure of taking! He is motivational and keeps the lectures interesting. He is also very understanding of the busy lives we lead outside of school. Took him for 7203, 7276, and 7279 and I am so glad that I did! Just do the assgmt, read and show up for the scheduled lectures, you cant not pass!!!

I took 2 classes already with this professor. The home work are long but everything is in the book. If you put in some effort you shouldnt have any issues and besides if you do have a problem he is always available to help

He is the awesome sauce professor ever. Always giving us snacks and motivating us that we are the best students ever!!

Professor Bassell is by far the greatest professor/coach ever! He really dedicates his time to his students and you’ll never feel uninspired while taking his courses! You can contact him anytime you have questions and that is so convenient for the students. His grading and exams are pretty straight forward. You will not regret taking his courses!

Professor Bassell is a gift to Brooklyn College and in general ! His lectures are always interesting and very helpful for his exams. He does not want you to lose he wants you to win! He is definitely earning his wings ! He motivates his students to work to their best ability and lets be honest, we all need that in Grad school. Take his courses!

Well respected professor who is greatly knowledgeable of all the classes he teaches! He is accessible outside of class, you NEED to do all your assignments – no matter how busy you are, do it and show that you understand the topics versus just doing it. He is more than a professor, he’s a coach, mentor, and motivator. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Bassell is the most passionate instructor I have encountered in my educational career & he truly wants his students to prosper. After completing his course, he consistently has gone out of his way to motivate me throughout my time at Brooklyn College. I have never looked to a professor for guidance prior to taking his course, he is truly an angel!!

Prof Bassell is my favorite professor, he cares about his students, taking his class I can learn the useful skill on management, also, he gives us some good real life examples during his teaching. So, take him is your best choice ever.

This is possibly the nicest and most approachable professor in entire Brooklyn College. This professor has the passion, good sense of humor, and knows his subjects. HE CARES about his subjects as well as his students. He does make you work, the home work is sometimes hefty, but you wont regret taking his class for sure. The greatest coach EVERRR!!

Two words: Take him.

Coach Bassell is a great professor, he is a master of the material and provides excellent real life examples to explain the theory of the course. There is homework every week. The test are fair if you study the material, there will be no surprises. Overall the best professor ever.

Professor Bassell is a hero without a cape. Literally. Care more for his students than the rest of faculty put together.

I learned alot. Great learning by doing projects. Changed my life forever. Your success is his # 1 priority. Available 24/7! World’s Best Coach!

Professor Bassell is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my 20 plus years of schooling. He is motivating and a good lecturer. He keeps the class involved and entertained. Test are easy if you pay attention in class and study. Projects are also easy if you put in the time.

Coach I’m thankful that you are a part of my life. You have been a huge motivation in my life. If it wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today. Thank You!

Amazing Professor, he is the best. I want to change my major to take him for all my classes. He truly cares about his students, I have never seen a professor so dedicated to encouraging and bettering students in my entire life. He really inspires you to want to do well in the class with such positive feedback.

Class was 65% Final and 35% HW. HW takes a bit of time, but he is a lenient grader as long as the effort is there. Test was changed to be online last minute. Was not the easiest test, but helped being online. Probably the most responsive professor. Gives his cell and usually responds right away to any questions you may have. Will take again.

Amazing! He knows the subject very well .funny , personable. The best prof i had so far in BC !

Coach Bassell is a great professor. Smart and funny. He grades by your homeworks and exams. Participation is necessary. Easy grader, almost everybody gets an A. Just be in point!

Best Professor at Brooklyn College. Coach is the BEST.

Professor Bassell is the best!!!! He used to say that we are the best students ever but actually he is the one who inspire us to give everything in the class and be our best. He is so caring and he is always available for us at any time!!!

The professor was amazing. I really want to take another class with him as he teach us nicely

Professor Bassell is awesome. You will have fun while learning. No other professors in the business department can compare to professor Bassell. He is a must.

Best professor ever

He is one of the great professor I have ever seen. He is always active and positive. I can definitely say that there is no Professor around this world as like Professor bassell. Don’t miss him. You can learn and enjoy in his class.

Amazing lectures and relevant

Professor Bassell is the best professor at Brooklyn College. He always makes sure that student understands the subject. Assignments are related to current topics and situation based. You can reach out to him at any time, he will get back to you. He is very inspiring and motivating. I highly recommend taking his class and learning from a great coach

This is probably the best professor. I have taken most of my classes with him. He’s always available to answer any questions or problems you may have. Highly recommended.