Student Reviews 2018

Dr. Myles Bassell

Took him for an online class this summer the best choice I ever made. There are only 3 hw/projects which are long but really simple and one easy test. He made a hard topic so much easier. Take him you wont regret it.

The Prof. notified us about the textbook two months earlier the Summer semester due to the difficult material of the class. He also provided very useful summary modules on Blackboard that you MUST learn! You’ll get plenty of HW, clear grading criteria, and a well-structured class. If you study, the final is doable and an “A” is definitely possible.

I have put off grad school for many years now and if it was not for Prof Bassell, I do not think I would have ever returned. His encouraging words made me realize I am strong enough to juggle family, work and school as long as I put my heart into it. He tells me frequently You can do it! Yes you can! I graduated summa cumlaude this past week.

Thank you for everything! I can repeat it forever! You are the best Coach ever! You are the one who makes the difference in students lives. It means a lot!

Myles Bassell Is a rare gem, he truly cares about you as a student and professional. I want to say you were my favorite professor in my entire grad program, you always make sure your students remain hopeful and open to being successful you are the true definition of a success story and you are an inspiration to all of your students. Never change.

I earned a masters in 2017 because you believed in me, encouraged me, and inspired me. You’ve changed my life completely! My favorite professor & coach of all time! A priceless experience and education. Cant ever thank you enough!

Coach B is the true definition of an educator, someone who teaches you things beyond the classroom. His course in marketing was very challenging and he pushed me in more ways than I expected. He focuses on making sure his students can make ethical decisions in a world that has a lot of corruption. I am forever grateful.

Coach B is not kidding when he says: Your success is my #1 priority. For him it is more than a slogan and his actions speak louder than words. Mentoring me for 11 years he is the real deal trifecta: cares about students, passionate about the subject, and has a talent to bring out the best in each student academically and professionally.

Professor Bassell is an absolute blessing. After being his student in 6 of his courses, I must say that I have learned a lot. Because of his challenging assignments, enthusiasm, and dedication to his students’ education, I felt more confident to enter the real world. Any class with his name assigned to it – take it. You won’t regret it.

I was a student in Myles Bassell’s capstone seminar class 10 years ago in 2007 when I was a working on my bachelors. Over the last decade he was a constant source of inspiration even after I got married and had 2 kids. In 2017 I earned my masters, in large part due to his unwavering support, encouragement, and mentoring. I am forever grateful.

Ive taken 4 classes with Coach B since Fall 2017, enrolled for 2 more this Spring 2018. This should definitely say something! Professor Bassell is not only fair and easily accessible outside of class, he genuinely cares about his students! This SPSS project was an excellent learn by doing assgmt! A bit difficult but learned so much along the way!

Great professor! A real gem. Take his classes you won’t be disappointed

Dear Coach, you are truly the best Coach ever!!! Thank you sooo much!! I learned more from you more than I could have dreamed about. The SPSS and Excel assignments were challenging but beneficial. You have been more supportive than I could have ever hoped. Your knowledge of business, enthusiasm and compassion for students is unparalleled.