Student Reviews 2019

Dr. Myles Bassell

This professor is amazing. His classes are usually very hard, but he explains it so well that you learn a lot. I would definitely recommend this Professor.

Excellent professor. Always concerned about learning and the outside lifes of each student. His class is very worth it.

Professor Myles Bassell cares and is indeed a respectable educator. He earnestly guides and supports the student(s) to successfully reach the finish line. He has and encourages a positive attitude. Follow his lead. Do your part. Win.

Best professor ever. I would highly recommend professor Bassell to all students.

Professor Bassell classes are dynamic and hes available 24/7 to help his students. He was instrumental in convincing me to return to college after receiving my undergrad degree eight years ago. He also knows all the students by name which is a rarity hes an excellent professor and genuinely cares about his students. Our success is his priority.

best professor and mentor ever

Professor Bassell is the best coach you can ever find to teach you business outside of textbooks. He is very easy to communicate with. And will provide you with hand down experience assignments and projects which will prepare you for real life in the business field. Absolutely take his class!!

Oh where do I begin….. �� You won’t find a better professor at Brooklyn College than professor Bassell! He is always accessible and extremely helpful! If you need anything, you know where to go! LITERALLY

There are way too many great things about Coach B!!!! You should find out yourself

HANDS DOWN the best professor I have had in Brooklyn College. Extremely knowledgeable in the areas that he teaches. He is also extremely fair with his assignments and exams. He is so energetic and very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend him because he actually is able to teach his students something and he believes in them.

Professor Bassell is a really great Professor. He is always available outside of class which is really helpful. There is a lot of work but he will help you to make sure you get a good grade as he really wants you to succeed!

one of the best professor I have ever had. His words inspired me lot. This is my last semester in Brooklyn college, but I will be remember him for a very long time. I wish I could take few more classes with him. love and respect professor Bassell…

Need an A? Take this class with professor Bassell! Easy class but its writing intensive so you need to actually do the work to get a good grade! Hes all about quality so your answers need to be of such. However, everything is in the book so you dont have to make up answers. THANK YOU SO MUCH PROFESSOR!! It was so good having you!!

I take this class online. Very nice guy. Whenever I text him, he response. Give extra time to finish project and very much helpful. He cares a lot . Overalll, very energetic and good guy. I like him. I will take him again…