To Whom It May Concern:

I have taken two of Professor Bassell’s online marketing classes. One was during my time as an undergraduate, and the second was during graduate school. Though the classes were online, Professor Bassell made the courses interactive using BlackBoard. The courses were structured so students wouldn’t fall behind, and we were able to get work done in advance as well, since we were given a detailed syllabus for the semester before classes even started. Besides learning a great deal about marketing and how to apply that knowledge to the business world, I also was able to learn and manage the schedule of assignments at my own pace.
Professor Bassell is truly a dedicated teacher. He made himself available all day and worked with our schedules to ask questions, whether it was through in-person meetings, emails, or even texts. His best interest was to help us pass the course and to make sure we understood the material. Professor Bassell also made an effort to get to know his students and relate to them. I was able to teach him some words in Gujarati! Professor Bassell is a well-rounded teacher and I would recommend his classes to all students.