To Whom It May Concern

             My name is Jurgen Bushka and I’m a former student of Professor Myles Bassell.  I took two courses with Professor Bassell in Fall 2015, Business Marketing 3100 and Business Management 3200.

Professor Myles Bassell is one the most enthusiastic professors EVER. I have never seen someone like him, and I don’t think I ever will see someone like him. Professor Bassell is there for his students every single day.  He gives ALL his students his number and encourages us to text or call him for any question, remarks or concerns we have.  I feel like he texted me more then I texted him; he would constantly send us reminders and daily motivational text. He definitely is a lot more motivational then DJ Khalid I can tell you that.

Inside the classroom Professor Bassell was ALWAYS active with his students. His lectures weren’t just him talking the whole time, he interacted with his students at another level. His classes were the only 3-hour lectures were I was paying attention the whole time and I actually didn’t mind going to class. At the beginning of the class as Professor Bassell was setting up his equipment he would put on songs for us to listen to for the first 5-7 minutes. The pop culture songs would honestly up-lift the class and wake everybody up. Professor Bassell would FEED all of his students. Every single class he would come in with either different brands of cookies or chips, he would bring water too. He was more like a parent then a professor. There would be enough food for everyone to get seconds and then some. Although the cookies and chips weren’t really good for my diet, it was still a very kind gesture.

Professor Bassell would use the different brands of cookies and chips as examples when he was teaching his class, about the company who owns certain brands and what marketing strategies they use along with the 4 P’s.  Professor Bassell would design the class a certain way so that his students study and gain knowledge beyond what will be on the exams. Students would gain knowledge and skills that would help with in the business world in the future.