To Whom It May Concern:

I have spent a total of five years in Brooklyn College – four years for undergraduate and one year for my Masters in Business degree. I graduated with my Bachelors in Business Administration from Brooklyn College on May 2015. I hope to graduate with my Masters in Business degree from Brooklyn College in June 2016. Throughout my studies, I have taken multiple business classes with Professor Myles Bassell both for undergraduate in 2012 and graduate classes in 2015.  I automatically sign up for his classes when courses open up for the upcoming semester on CunyFirst and also recommend him to my friends when they ask me for Professor advice.

Professor Bassell truly cares about the success of his students. He will go out of way to make sure his students receive all the help possible both inside the classroom and out. He makes himself easily accessible to students in more ways than just email – he allows students to reach him at all time via text messaging, calling, and office hours. He is well prepared and organized by sending students daily and weekly reminders when assignments and exams are approaching. Professor Bassell deeply respects every students’ diverse backgrounds and he is well-versed in communicating with his students. He engages his students within the classroom by providing team spirit, enthusiasm, professionalism, and sense of humor. He stimulates interest by providing snacks and using contemporary music, polling with the Poll Everywhere app are just some examples how he creates a unique learning environment. His passion allows him the ability to explain complex concepts. He welcomes participation by encouraging classroom discussions and debates on a certain topic. He makes every student feel as if his or her voice is heard and taken into consideration.

Professor Bassell practices what he preaches by putting theory in practice using his “show and tell” teaching approach. Not only do we have homework on our assigned readings, but we also fill out SurveyGizmo questionnaires and surveys he created to teach us how what we just read is used in real life practical situations. We also evaluate real life scenarios and how we would apply what we learned in handling the situation presented. We tie in the entire semester together by learning how to use SPSS, an analytical software that is crucial for the job market. We had a project to complete using SPSS which teaches us to create statistical analysis using large surveys and questionnaire samples in order to present findings on how to make the Santa Fe restaurant business more efficient.

Professor Bassell has helped me moved forward in my graduation process for my Masters program by making me eligible for this semester’s commencement. He has written recommendation letters for students to advance in their future endeavors. He is one of the best professors in Brooklyn College, which is why he definitely deserves the Teaching Excellence Award.

Thank you,