Dear Whom It May Concern,

I am a former student at Brooklyn College. I took couple classes with professor Bassell when I was at Brooklyn College. Professor Bassell is a great teacher and a great coach. He is very clear on how his class would be. He is very well organized. I can look at the syllabus and find out what is my assignment and when is due. I can work on that assignment ahead of time and submit it in early. There is at least one writing assignment every week. I am a person, who can not write a lot, but his class makes me be able to write more and explain my opinion into words better.

Another thing that professor Bassell is always doing is encouraging his students to do their best and always responds back quickly to all questions in regarding to all his assignments. When his students didn’t understand the complex concept, he will find the easier method to explain to them. For example, he will relate the complex concept to real life experience. Moreover, he always respects all of his students. Students in his class come from different backgrounds. Some of student’s names are hard to pronounce, but he will try to pronounce it. He also has a great sense of humor.

In one of professor Bassell’s class, I had to do the simulation game for a drug company. The medicine that I have to compete with other competitors is cough medicine for adults and children. The company in the simulation game is a brand new drug company. My job at the company is to increase sale and try to gain the market share from the competitors. Each week in the simulation game, there are tasks that we have to accomplish, such as planning for advertising budget, quantity of each medicine that the company will produce, how we are going to organize the shelf in the store that we can make our medicine outstanding in order to gain the market share and there are other elements that relation to marketing the medicine to the market. As soon as I put the number in, I will find out right away on how well I do with my plan. From this simulation game, I learned that every number that we put in our budgets, such as advertising, discount coupon, shelf organizing, and price for the product are very important in order for customers to buy the product. The different in price, shelf organizing, and even words that use to promote the products will have an influence on consumer buying decision.  The simulation game was fun, and I learned a lot from it. It is kind of like putting you in a real world experience.

Best Regard