To whom it may concern,

As a former student and recent graduate of Brooklyn College I would like to acknowledge Professor Myles Bassell for being an exceptional professor and mentor.  Throughout a student’s educational journey, there are very few teachers that will leave a lasting impression on a student, however, “Coach Bassell” as a lot of students refer to him as, does just that.  He not only educates his students, but he encourages them, motivates them and inspires and challenges them to think outside the box.

Professor Bassell is, not only, very knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects that he teaches, but he is also able to effectively communicate difficult concepts to his students and focuses each lesson around information that students will find the most useful beyond the classroom.  He is well organized and well prepared, providing a detailed syllabus at the beginning of each semester, which outlines his lesson plan, the expectations of the class, writing assignments and exams. In addition, he grades and returns all assignments in a timely manner, which allows students to know exactly where they stand in the class.

He is a professor who sets very high expectations for his students, however, he is extremely approachable and makes himself available at all times to answer questions or concerns.  During class he engages students through class discussions, encourages participation by calling on different students and keeps things interesting through his great sense of humor.  He is able to relate to students of diverse backgrounds and forms great relationships with his students by continuously encouraging and motivating them with emails stating, “You can do it. Yes you can!”

In short, Professor Bassell is a professor who genuinely cares about his student’s overall success, both in and out of the classroom, and after completing four of his business classes I walked away with a wealth of knowledge in business research, data analysis, tax regulation and marketing and promotion, all of which I can apply to my current career, as well as, my future endeavors.