I am a former Business Management and Finance student of Brooklyn College and graduated with my bachelors in 2011, but despite the fact that I graduated 5 years ago Professor Myles Bassell still keeps in touch with me and has been encouraging me to return for a graduate degree.

During my time at Brooklyn College, I took several courses with Myles Bassell, and I’m beyond satisfied with the positive results that I have gotten.  I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been taught by Professor Bassell, whom I adore and respect.  His teaching along with coaching gave me everything I needed to succeed.

Professor Bassell is a remarkable professor who cares deeply about his students academic success and life beyond. He is very passionate about teaching. He comes to class very organized and well prepared. He is thorough with his work, and gives challenging lessons which are worthwhile because he’s knowledgeable,  and he incorporates his lectures with real life situations.

Professor Bassell motivates his students to work hard, and do well, thereby making them believe that if they put the effort and determination they would get the grade they deserve. He makes clear his expectations. His weekly written assignments and online quizzes are very useful as it helps students understand more about the topics of the course. He responds to his students emails quickly, as that is very much needed by any student to prevail.

I strongly believe that Professor Bassell is one of the best professors that Brooklyn College has ever had at the time I was there. His teaching approach is one of a kind. He had a motto, “Yes you can!  Your success is my #1pririoty.” He encourages his students to do their work, amidst their busy, or lazy schedule, by sending endless email reminders. If you show him that you are willing to learn, he would do everything in his power to help you understand the course material. No matter how big his class is, he amazingly calls his students by their names.  Certainly, seeing his students succeed makes him happy.

I would recommend Professor Bassell to the highest award because I feel certain that any rational person would be as impressed as I am.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,