Dear Prof.Bassell,

I might not have been your favorite student, but you have been my favorite teacher ever!

As your former student in class of 2013, I had the opportunity to take your class of Market Share Simulation. I was impressed by how knowledgeable my coach was and how lively his class was! It was truly a pleasure to take every class.

You are always well prepared, with that bright smile! I especially liked how you use market research questionnaires as examples in the class to tell teaching approach. With your sense of humor, all those tedious concepts in textbook became easy to understand and fun to play with. You taught us how to enjoy study not by memorizing textbooks, but truly comprehend them and utilize it in real life. That is the best thing about your class, because until today, I can still remember what you have taught me and use them in my work.

I wouldn’t have enjoyed my graduate school without you, my wonderful tutor, and my friend!

Thank you!