Thank you Coach B!

Currently I am in the middle of redesigning healthcare delivery in the State of New York through one of the largest programs the State has ever seen.  Ok, so what? Well lets rewind back to May 2011 … Its Friday night 11:30pm and I am filling out my graduate application to get into B-School. The application is due in the next day or so. The system alerts me to the fact that one academic reference letter is missing. Oh horrors! I will have to wait a whole year to re-apply because there is no way I can get a reference letter from anyone in the next day. Right? Wrong!

If you are lucky to know Professor Bassell aka Coach B– you are fortunate to have a person that is literally there for you ALL the time 24/7. I Facebook messaged Coach B explaining my dire situation and apologizing profusely for a late night message. In his usual positive tone he sent me an academic reference letter within the next hour. Professor Bassell went out of his way to help me as he does for all his students.

I am able to do the work that I do today, which I love, because Coach B is not kidding when he says to his students : “Your success is my #1 priority”

I took 3 classes with Professor Bassell while pursuing my undergraduate degree in Brooklyn College. Yes, the classes were challenging. The material was not easy and the tests were tough, but he always went above and beyond to make sure that course material was understood. The courses are very organized and the grading criteria is crystal clear. On top of that Coach B is inspirational and gives amazing lectures.

Professor Bassell is the real deal trifecta : cares about his students, passionate about the subject, and has a talent to bring out the best in each student academically. The quality of academic standards should be modeled after Professor Myles Bassell.

Thanks Coach B, for everything!