To Whom It May Concern:

I am delighted to recommend Professor Bassell for the teaching excellence award at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. Prof. Bassell is my teaching coach for Applied Business Research 7279 this spring 2016. Not only is he always well prepared and highly motivates the class, he cares more about his students understanding the concepts of the material rather than just getting the right answer. His teaching techniques makes the class very interesting and he knows how to communicate with his students which keeps us focused and in tuned with the lectures.  He also has recorded lectures posted online just in case we missed anything and needs to resort back to the lesson.

Prof. Bassell first opened up the lines of communication weeks before the class actually started by sending us an email that told us “You are the best students EVERRRRRRRRR!” I was surprise because I have never experienced a Professor making such a statement.”

Then every email, assignment post and in class lectures he would consistently say things like:

  • Your success is my # 1 priority!
  • I am hoping everyone gets a 100!!  You can do it!! Yes you can!! YES YOU WILL!!!
  • Thank you for your effort on the assignments.
  • I am hoping everyone gets an A in this course!
  • I know you can make it a reality!
  • Even if you get knocked down, you do NOT need to be knocked out!!!

I have never seen a Professor so motivational towards students the way Professor Bassell is. He keeps us on our toes and keep us going. He actually put smiles on his student’s faces and helps us learn and understand. Now Prof. Bassell is truly the best Professor and coach EVERRRRRRRRR .