To Whom it may Concern,

I am writing to provide my highest recommendation for Professor Myles Bassell. I have known Prof. Bassell for over five years and have taken 6 out of 11 graduate course with him as my coach.  I have found him to be honest, reliable, hardworking, conscientious and courteous. Bassell sets high, but not unreasonable standards for his students and then he gives them the tools to succeed.  His students are highly motivated and intellectually stimulated in his classroom.  In one of his graduate courses we used the Country Manager simulation and another the Market Share simulation. These simulations were an amazing practical application of the course concepts.  Each week I would enter decisions into the simulation and the simulation would indicated what impact my decisions had on my sales, profit, and market share.  I would then post to BlackBoard the rationale for my decisions and what I learned from the impact the decisions had on the performance of the company. Bassell recognized early on when I was struggling in his class and he took the steps to give me extra help before or after the class.  He cares deeply about everyone of his students in his class and works hard to make sure no one is left behind. I am confident that you will pleased with his ability.  I trust that the information provided will be of assistance and will be happy to provide further information, if required.