To Whom It May Concern

I graduated from Brooklyn College June 2015, with an MA in Business Economics.

I have gotten to know Professor Bassell also known as “coach” very well from fellow classmates and professors whom speak highly about him and suggested that I take a class or two with him.  Eventually I ended up taking three of his graduate level courses and was absolutely pleased: These were:

  1. BUSN 7131X Tax Regulation Strategy,
  2. BUSN 7278X Applied Data Analysis, and
  3. BUSN 7279X Applied Business Research.

The courses have strengthened my critical reasoning and problem solving skills and have exposed me to important business concepts that are critical in today’s business environment.  Professor Bassell teaches to empower his students’ and always use his signature phase “you can do it, yes you can” as a motivator. For instance, I had to do a written test for a promotion on my job to the professional level, there were questions from some of the subject material learnt from those classes especially Applied Business Research.  Without a doubt, I was able to use the knowledge gained in the classes to successfully answer the questions.

Professor Bassell taught his courses very well. He is very knowledgeable on the subject matters, and provided well organized ideas and materials for classes. The positivity he brought to teaching caused me to believe that I could excel, even in those moments of wanting to throw in the towel (especially with the weekly assignments). He not only communicated clearly but used language that was easy to understand.  I worked extremely hard developed an excellent understanding of the course concepts and was able to effectively explain and apply the concepts in case studies especially the case of the Santa Fe Grill Marketing Research.  I used SPSS to skillfully conduct regression, conjoint, cluster, logistic, factor, and discriminant analyses, thereby overcoming fear of doing statistical analysis of data. There were always effective class discussions. His openness to students’ comments made the classes much more engaging as he addressed questions and concerns on class topics while encouraging and facilitating independent thinking. He encouraged his students to work and submit assignments ahead of the schedule day or time, and by his actions attested to what he said by doing it also.  For example, he effectively kept time and class schedules, and was prompt in grading test and assignments and was always available to students outside of class and schedule office hours.

Professor Bassell is very devoted and clearly demonstrates his passion for what he does with a “human touch” that warms the heart. For instance, by the second in-class session, with fifty plus students he greets all the students by their name.  I was shock when he called me by my first name in our second class meetings.  I remember having a late class one night and it was snowing very hard. When we got there, Professor was already waiting for us and greeted us with snacks and a little music.  The class was full that day and we had a wonderful session! On another occasion, there was a late announcement of school closing, however he still had the class with the students that were present and created a YouTube video of the session for the students that missed the class so that all could benefit from the lecture. Truly, he cares about students’ well-being and success!

Professor Bassell has a great sense of humor and gets along well with all irrespective of the diversity of background that is present in the classes.  His assignments and exams were very challenging and students have to study and do the research to be successful in his courses.   He is a great mentor and motivator and has not only stretched my thinking capacity but has also propelled me to a higher level of reasoning.  Surely, thanks to you Professor Bassell, I am more confident in many areas both personally and professionally.

You Sir are truly inspirational!