To whom it may concern,

My name is Shadai Williams and I am a two time Alumna of CUNY Brooklyn College. Throughout my studies at Brooklyn College, I have had the honor of taking many Business related courses ranging from Marketing, Innovations, Tax, Business Strategy, Data Analysis and many more, under the instruction of Professor Bassell, whom I usually refer to as Professor B. Such courses have contributed to both my undergraduate and graduate curriculums which have allowed me to acquire a B.A. in Television and Radio (with an interdisciplinary minor in Economics Marketing) as well as an M.S. In Global Business and Finance.

The work load was always heavy and intense, but I would always appreciate every assignment because they have all provided me with hands on learning experiences that I could actually apply to a live environment.

A few memorable projects include the New Shoes Simulation in which I was the Vice President of a shoe company. Each week I had the opportunity to make decisions. The simulation would respond to my decisions by adjusting sales, net income, stock price and market share. Another project was the PharmaSim All Star Simulation in which I had to create an IMC plan that would evolve based on my decisions regarding sales, net income, brand awareness, etc. These overall decisions would also impact the success of my company over the next few years (simulation years, of course). I was also given the opportunity to conduct analyses in SPSS for a restaurant that was named Santa Fe. Some of the data used was pulled from marketing research questionnaires that I designed and sent out to fellow classmates, family and friends.

The structure of each course was straight forward and designed in a way that made it almost impossible to fail. Professor B would send frequent detailed emails ranging from assignment instructions as well as what to focus on during projects to maximize our experience and skill set. Despite the resources and tools Professor B has always provided us with, we were still accountable for recognizing them and utilizing them accordingly.

What I’ve enjoyed most about his courses is that they always push you beyond what you thought you were capable of. Those who lack diligence need not apply. The fast-paced workload was relative to and prepared you to ease right into an executive role.

The syllabi were even far from average. They were very vibrant, yet detail oriented and would serve as a guide to enhance our class experiences and even our resumes.

I’ve always appreciated how Professor B. tailored each course in a way that converted theory into actual hands on practices.   Professor B’s lectures didn’t regurgitate what was in the textbook, but rather he supplemented the textbook with relevant examples from his industry experience.

What I’ve always appreciated about Professor B. was that he was extremely mindful of our futures beyond college and did all that he could to prepare us for success. He provided us with leadership opportunities overseeing business related student clubs in which we were elected to fulfill active roles as Presidents and Vice Presidents. We were awarded plaques for our contributions which in turn encouraged enthusiasm and team spirit amongst the club members.

It has always amazed me how Professor B. manages to maintain a rapport with his students even after the semester has ended and they have graduated and started their careers. What makes him great is that he really tries to understand and identify with his students to find some common ground as his strategy to motivate them. Professor B. has been an educational coach, career advisor, as well as a professional mentor all in one for over 10 years. I appreciate him and all of his efforts and wish every college professor followed his blueprint.

I remember attending one of professor B’s classes for the first time. As I walked down the hall, I noticed pop/hip hop music emanating from the classroom. Although I was a bit puzzled, this wasn’t strange since the music department was in that very building. I figured maybe it was a theory class on pop music. As I hesitantly walked into the class with a confused expression ready to ask if I am in the right class, many students beat me to the punch and responded with a “you are in the right class”.

Professor B. had already created a welcoming environment and established a sense of comrade between the class before even introducing himself. At that very moment, I knew I was in for an interesting journey. There was never a dull moment and although the work load was intensive, it never really felt like work because we had all of the support and resources necessary to succeed. In my opinion, he has definitely lived up to his own catch phrase “Your Success is my #1 priority!”

Professor B. has continued to extend his advice and wisdom to me even to this very day. I remember wanting to go back to school for my Masters. After conversing a bit with Professor, he helped me to map out the best plan to achieve my academic goals within a one year timeframe. I’ve always been ambitious but deep down I didn’t think it would be done with deadlines and prerequisites and other conflicts regarding work and scheduling that presented themselves. When I noticed how adamant he was about me accomplishing these goals, it fueled the fire in me to follow through and make it happen. Although you have to want change and growth for yourself, it helps a ton when someone else is going out of their way to ensure that you succeed.

Professor B. is truly invested in his students and has so much respect for us. He was always well prepared and organized, and available no matter what time of day. His extraordinary teaching abilities to make complex concepts seem simple trough demonstrations continues to stimulate interest all while having a great sense of humor. I couldn’t thank him enough for all of his contributions to my professional and academic growth. I’m sure many other students would agree with me.  The billion dollar question is how does he do it? Lol