To Whom It May Concern

I write this letter on behalf of Professor Myles Bassell, who has taught me Strategic Management while I was enrolled at Brooklyn College during the 2010 – 2011 school year. It gives me great pleasure to support his nomination for the Teaching Excellence Award.

Professor Bassell, also referred to as “coach,” has not only exhibited and maintained great respect for his students, but he has also inspired his students in many ways. He encouraged students to step outside the box, while giving them the guidance they needed. Professor Bassell ensured that the students understood the value of teamwork by fostering an environment that was conducive to such. Throughout his class he urged students to work as teams to successfully complete the course work.

Professor Bassell has also been, and still is the only professor from the institution that has maintained an interest in my career progress and professional development as I exited the school. He consistently follows up on my progress and continues to offer valuable suggestions and support to keep me motivated. Professor Bassell is the best “coach” I have ever encountered. He truly cares about his students’ success and it is without reservation, that I highly recommend him for this award.



Class of 2011