To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to provide the utmost appreciation of my Professor, my Mentor Myles Bassell.

I only had the privilege of being a student of Professor Bassell’s for one semester. I was a student in his undergraduate Strategic Marketing Capstone course. Professor Bassell engages with his students in a way that no other professor in the country could copy. Professor Bassell’s energy, teaching methods, career and life advice is what I will remember and take with me on all my endeavors. His motivation, backed up by his eloquent speaking reinforces his teachings to the class and bolstered our interest in marketing.

Professor Bassell has a knack of applying marketing concepts through case studies in order for students to get a concrete grasp on how certain industries function. Every class we would have open discussions on the case studies, and Professor Bassell would go out of his way to ensure everyone had their own input and ideas. Regardless if a student had a different perspective on the case study; Professor Bassell was always open to dialogue and respected everyone’s opinion. One piece of advice I’ll always remember from Professor Bassell is “Don’t try to remember word-for-word on what a certain marketing concept means, have a concrete example of it because it shows a better understanding of the concept, instead of reciting a definition”. This piece of advice held true for me after I graduated in 2015, and I was able to present my marketing acumen in interviews for many top advertising agencies in New York.

Although my course with Professor Bassell was late in the evening, I always looked forward to it because he brought out energy to the whole class and keened our interest in marketing. Professor Bassell is a model of excellence, not just in Brooklyn College, but in Colleges throughout the whole country. I’d be willing to wager that there isn’t a professor close to him in terms of his passion for wanting his students to succeed. No other professor would answer your e-mails right away at 2am in the morning or write you a recommendation letter without even inquiring for one. I can pinpoint a lot of my success to Professor Bassell and his sublime lectures are something that I will always have a vivid memory of. I’m sure there are many great Professors in the country, but Professor Bassell is the Apple, Coca-Cola, Google, and Michael Jordan of all Professors. Don’t take pragmatic Professors such as Myles Bassell for granted because they’re very scarce these days, I certainly did not.

Thank You,