To Whom It May Concern

Professor Bassell is reliable, intelligent and possesses excellent communication skills. He has proven to be an invaluable resource for me while I attended Brooklyn College and was very supportive.

I was fortunate to have Professor Bassell as my professor for three semesters while pursing my graduate degree. Professor Bassell is an exceptional professor, coach and mentor.  His support and coaching was critical to my success.  I clearly remembered speaking with Professor Bassell about the challenges I faced while working full time and dedicating time to study.  He was very encouraging and ended the conversation with “yes you can.”

Professor Bassell is very patient, helpful and has a strong passion for the success of his students.  He stressed the importance of ethics, especially in business decisions. From his classes I’ve learnt the importance of marketing and data analysis. In the Business Research class I learnt how to compute the mean, mode, median, range, and standard deviation for the Santa Fe SPSS data set. I learnt that standard deviation measures the amount of variation from the average, and a standard deviation of 1.1 tells us that the average distance of the distribution values from the mean is very low.   Based on Professor Bassell’s teachings, I was able to analyze the data to determine what made most of Santa Fe Grill customers satisfied.

Professor Bassell has a positive attitude and a good sense of humor.  Professor Bassell is always available (24hrs) to help his students.  His creative PowerPoint notes make it easy to understand the subject matter.  Professor Bassell believes students must take full responsibility for their learning and education.  He strongly believes students learn when they have a chance to apply the course concepts to learning by doing, thus, he gives weekly assignments which I found to challenging and beneficial.

Professor Bassell takes the time to send reminder emails about homework, along with encouraging emails to motivate his students. He shows respect for students of diverse backgrounds, and has the ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms. He stimulates interest, by giving practical examples.

Professor Bassell possess a remarkable ability to remember the names of all students both past and present.  He is the ‘Best Professor Ever!’