Dear Professor Bassell,

After graduating from Brooklyn College, I wanted to take this time to thank you for all the help your help while I was attending Brooklyn College. Not only have you been a great educator, but also a coach, a mentor, and a friend.

I was a former student of yours and had taken 2 of the graduate marketing classes you taught. You are a great professor and I enjoyed all you classes. During our classes, you gave me the tools I need to succeed and never gave up on me. My most memorable part of the class is the marketing simulation, PharmaSim. The simulation gave me a sense of how real life businesses would tackle marketing initiatives.

Your enthusiasm, your passion, and your dedication about the subject and you bring in numerous amount of real life examples to engage, not only me, but the entire class. Even though I would be tired when coming to class, I look forward to every single class with you. Our class consisted of a very diverse group and you have the utmost respect for all the students and are culturally sensitive. Outside of class, you made yourself available to me whenever I have questions about the assignment. You gave me every method possible to contact you.

After my two classes with you, I kept in contact with you. You guided me through the rest of my semesters. I remember having an issue with a different professor and I reached out to you on how to approach this. You were patient and understanding of my situation. You advised me to speak to the professor since there might be a miscommunication between us. And lo and behold, there was a miscommunication!

Professor Bassell, you went above and beyond for me and for all your other students. You took time from your personal life to help me, to aid me, and to guide me to become a better person. Words cannot express the gratitude and respect I have for you.

Thank you Professor Bassell!