To whom it may concern,

I take great pleasure in writing this letter today. Professor Bassell was my professor for 4 of my courses during my time at Brooklyn College for my Master’s in Business Economics-Global Policies and Finance.

I started my Master’s program in the winter of 2014 and my first course was Managerial Finance and it was an online class. I recall being nervous because I took a break between undergrad and grad school and my first class was online. However, my anxiety quickly went away, after I received the welcoming e-mail from Professor Bassell. Through his e-mail, you can tell Professor Bassell is full of energy and attentive individual. All of my courses with Professor Bassell were organized, precise and rewarding. He posted assignments ahead of time, so my fellow classmates and I can get them done early, so we won’t be overwhelm while juggling school, work and family. Through his weekly assignments, I gained a great depth of knowledge which I will be able to leverage throughout my career.

In addition to Professor Bassell’s energetic personality, he goes above and beyond in order to ensure all his students succeed. He makes himself available through different means of communications. He replies to e-mail promptly, calls and text. He designs and teach his courses in way that keeps one engaged through videos, case studies and simulations. Most of all, he was a source of motivation. He will constantly remind his students, how great we are, that we can do and don’t give up.

Moreover, I believe that Professor Bassell is a tremendous professor who always works his hardest to exceed the expectations of his students. As a result of this, I openly recommend Professor Bassell for the Teaching Excellence Award.

Best Regards,