To Whom It May Concern:

As a former student of Professor Bassell, I write this letter happily to acknowledge Professor Bassell as the single best college professor I have ever been privileged to have; and I’ve had plenty! I have attended Lehman College, Kings Borough Community College and Brooklyn College. Currently at the Masters level of my education, I’ve had a slew of professors. However, it is beyond safe to say…

Professor Bassell’s energy, enthusiasm, work ethic, pedagogy and dedication are superior and ought to be known and acknowledge to the fullest extent possible.

 Professor Bassell’s energy and enthusiasm keeps students coming back for more. Attending school at night, after carrying out all of the day’s worth of responsibilities and obligations, can be quite dreadful. It is very rare to walk into an evening class and get hit with a burst of energy from your professor. Professor Bassell is unique and elite in this regard. If it isn’t his enthusiasm smacking you across the face, it’s his chocolate giveaway treats. Either way, if you thought you had nothing left to give as you dragged your way to class… Think again! Too many professors bore students to tears with their monotones voices and tired appearances. Professor Bassell has a unique way of utilizing an effective combination of pitch, expressiveness and enthusiasm to convey even the most rigorous of concepts. Professor Bassell’s energy and enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air for any Brooklyn College students fortunate enough to experience it.

There is a lot to be said about Professor Bassell’s work ethic and pedagogy. I knew I was in for a treat when I received notifications and emails about the course long before the semester begun. Nothing came unexpected or untimely, ever! All expectations and course requirements were made so clear and concise. I remember, upon introducing myself to Professor Bassell for the first time, all I could say was, “Thank you for being so thorough.” Professor Bassell’s work ethic should be mimicked and mirrored throughout the entire Brooklyn College facility. His teaching pedagogy should be mimicked as well, especially the way he incorporates technology into his lectures. The Polleverywhere App we used throughout the course complemented our learning experiences memorably. Using that app brought a new level of liveliness to our class discussions. Live, screen-projected voting regarding course concepts from my iphone to the front board? Surely, that was the first time (and last time) being on my phone in class was not only encouraged, but also required and academically helpful. Yes, this took class participation to new heights for sure!

It is easy to see that Professor Bassell’s way of challenging students, all while preparing them for the challenges, is unique. I definitely and readily recommend students to take a course with Professor Bassell every chance I get. But, not without warning them about his required written assignments every… single… week! I’d also be compelled to let them know that after they participating in Professor Bassell’s weekly surveys, they too will be able to compose an effective survey… with their eyes closed! Some students may also want to prepare to be taken out of their comfort zone. For me, this was SPSS. After having a disagreeable time with SPSS in undergrad, I was not particularly looking forward to seeing it in my graduate courses. But, Professor Bassell required us to “demonstrate” our understanding of the course’s concepts and ability to “apply” the course’s concepts by employing SPSS in a research project. Knowing that my Business Research course was in the best possible hands, I was able to take on SPSS in a new light. In hindsight, I am grateful for that shove outside of my comfort zone. Therefore, I’d be sure to let other students know that Professor Bassell’s thorough lectures, the textbooks he selects, along with his ability and availability to clarify concepts will surely serve as a recipe for their success.

There are endless evidences of Professor Bassell’s dedication to his students. He has said, his students’ success is his “number one priority.” Very much like the way he teaches in a show and tell way, he doesn’t just “tell” that to his students, he shows it; consistently and genuinely. One of the aspects in which Professor Bassell’s dedication can be seen is in the way he consciously acknowledges the diversity of Brooklyn College, seamlessly, throughout his lectures. This is one of the things that stood out to me mostly. I walked away with a plethora of knowledge in marketing and business research from Professor Bassell. Yet, I remain dumbfounded about how he managed to acquire so much knowledge and insight about countless ethnicities and cultures well enough to make such appropriate and respectful references to many of them during lectures. They were always right on time and never seized to make the class laugh. I think most of us were shocked each time. Like, how does he know that? I still don’t know how, but I surely know why. He knows many things about various cultures because he cares to know. With Brooklyn College being as diverse as it is, it is an impressive accomplishment for a single professor to have the ability to make everyone feel like they are exactly where they belong. This is only a fraction of the ways Professor Bassell’s superior level dedication can be seen.

Professor Bassell’s dedication can also be seen in the way he is always ready and prepared to see his students through to success; the kind of success that stays with you even after the semester ends. When it comes to success, the reason students of Professor Bassell can, do, and will is because he does!

Professor Bassell’s energy, enthusiasm, work ethic, pedagogy and dedication are superior and ought to be known and acknowledge to the fullest extent possible.