To Whom It May Concern:

It is my privilege and great pleasure to write this letter to support the nomination of Professor Myles Bassell for a Teaching Excellence Award. I have known Professor Bassell for the over 8 months, starting when he was my professor for Marketing & Promotion and then Applied Business Research as a graduate student. I would like to take this opportunity to point out his capabilities as a teacher and a researcher, comprised as knowledgeable, excellent communication skills, patience, hardwork and enthusiasm.

I was very impressed by the knowledge he expressed in different subjects he thought. I have never seen any situation where he didn’t have the answer when anyone asked him a question regarding any subject of research and in marketing. I was amazed by the interest he showed to acquire more knowledge in his teachings.

Professor Bassell has very good communication skills to explain the subject in a simple way that made me feel comfortable and confident about the subject. He teaches as if you are taking the class for the very first time without any prior knowledge. His lectures helped me a lot to get up to speed and excel in my studies. His weekly assignments and questionnaires helped me learned and gained great understanding in the subject.

I have never seen a Professor like Professor Bassell, he makes himself available to you at anytime. He gave his email, cell phone number, etc to contact him anytime with questions. He showed great patience to make anybody comfortable in the subject. He spent many hours explaining time any subject that you didn’t understand. He sent weekly, friendly, and encouraging reminders of any work that was do in the upcoming week. He made sure his students knew what was going on in the class so there was absolutely no room to slack off or fall being.

He is dedicated and a very hard working professor. He is qualified and enthusiastic to ensure his students got the quality education they deserve. I can say with certainty that Professor Bassell has what it takes to be an exceptional teacher. He displayed genuine concern for the advancement of his students.

Professor Bassell is one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life and I strongly support his nomination for the Teaching Excellence Award.

Thank you,