Professor Bassell:

I’m a former student and have taken a few of your classes such as Applied Business Research. I’ve never met a professor that is so full of energy! How you do it, is certainly a mystery. Assignments were due each week; in addition to, marketing research questionnaires, which was very insightful and now, when I am shopping, I do wonder who is watching me take that item from the back of the shelf instead of the front!!

You are definitely a Coach. I say this because of your enthusiasm regarding seeing all of your students succeed by stimulating interests coupled with a sense of humor. Boy, that is what got me through some of those evening after a very long day, and I looked forward to your classes. Your ability to explain complex concepts helped prepared me for a new appreciation for marketing: perceptions, interview types, etc. You were always on time, respectful of all students, prepared and very organized. Students couldn’t put anything over on you … you do have a memory like an elephant. Amazing! Oh, let me not forget those e-mails. I remembered getting an e-mail welcoming students to the class and the semester did not officially start! I also remembered thinking that this guy is nuts, for it was still Summer. Then I came to realize that those e-mails were part of your encouraging strategy and they were much appreciated. On a serious note, Coach embodied team spirit and professionalism all the way to 10:00 p.m. You never missed a beat. Always in teaching mode.

Professor Bassell, aka Coach, kindly accept my heartfelt thanks. Keep up the great work! As you’ve always said, “You can do it! Yes you can!” And, it was those words that pulled me through.

Again, thank you.