March 9, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

This is my pleasure and honor to write this testimonial for the Super Professor Ever, Mr. Myles Bassell.  I heard about Prof. Bassell for the first time through my classmates from my first graduate class at Brooklyn College. Many of them recommended him as one of the best Professors at Brooklyn College. Thus, I tried to register for one of his classes and to my surprise his class was full at the end of the first week of registration. So, I decided to wait for next semester, this time I registered on time for a summer class and again, his class was full, but this time the waiting list was available and finally I was able to register for my Marketing and Promotion class. Since the first day of my class I discovered why he was so popular within students. I was amazed, happy, and lucky to be a student of Prof. Bassell.

I discovered that Coach Bassell was an exceptional Professor like no other. He was more than a Professor to his students. The first day of classes I saw everyone in the class happy participating and interacting with Coach Bassell in classes like they were friends since forever. I just can’t believe that Professor like him could exist on this planet. Seriously, Professor Bassell has a passion for teaching, the ability to encourage students to succeed, and shows he cares with his motivational text messages. He does not care at what time of the day you reach him, he literally is available 24/7 for his students. I cannot specify how many times I have texted, emailed at midnight, 1am or 2am in the morning and my questions are always answered precisely and immediately. Oh! I cannot skip my experience of contacting him from another Continent and he gladly replied and helped me to solve a Business Research related question. Just Unbelievable!!

Now let me share some of my experience in class and homework. Professor Bassell is super organized in his lectures, blackboard assignments instructions are very detailed and he shows he cares by sending frequent reminders and notes regarding the homework assignments. He wants everybody to succeed and he ensures that nobody is left behind. He also encourages students to participate in several of the different student’s clubs at Brooklyn College.

Another important grace of Coach Bassell is his constant emphasis on Ethics. He gave an intensive homework that included the analysis of Ethics applied into different scenarios.  I liked the purpose of this particular assignment because at the same time we were learning about Ethics, the cases also taught about the different laws and regulations that, as students and employees, we have to be familiar with.

Coach Myles Bassell always shows respect to everyone in classroom and in retrospective he gets the respect and admiration of his students. He has the ability to teach and positively interact with students from different backgrounds. He is so enthusiastic and believes me, if you are down for any reason, he will cheer your spirit up by using his good sense of humor. He makes me feel that I am a valuable person that is capable to reach out your goals, no matter how difficult it could be.

He is just an exceptional person that can change the world of his students using his teaching skills, respect, enthusiasm, passion, encouragement words and more.
I admire and respect Professor Bassell a lot that when I saw the email asking to nominate a Professor for the Award, I immediately went ahead and nominate him without any doubt. Also, for the record, it is 1:35AM and I should be sleeping and get ready to work tomorrow but I am so thankful at Professor Bassell that I don’t care about the time. He deserves and worth all the effort to write a beautiful letter in the middle of the night. I want to end this testimonial with the following quote: “A Professor affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops” by Henry Brooks Adams.