Hello Coach,

Believe it or not I have taken four courses that you have facilitated. The first was Applied Data Analysis which was also my first time taking an online class. You probably do not remember, but you helped me set up my blackboard account and also guided me through posting in the forums for the first time. I was very impressed because I never anticipated that a professor would help me in that regard.

I also like the fact that you have a practical approach to teaching without compromising the standard of work that is required from the students. Even though some of the exams are online they are set in such a way that requires you to apply what you learnt and provides an opportunity to also show how much you have learnt.

You provide support for all your students, even at the graduate level where of course we are expected to be more mature and have a good grasp of what is expected, you prepare a detailed syllabus for every program and also send reminders and updates to every student ensuring that no one is left behind.

As a mother of two, full time employee and student it is often difficult to effectively balance each role. In December my son was ill and I had to ask you for an extension on an assignment and although you gave me until the next day to complete the assignment I went home after leaving the Emergency room and completed the assignment because I knew you were probably up at 2 a.m. grading the assignments anyway. But what really stuck with me was the fact that you messaged me not once but twice in the days following to see how my son was doing and I really appreciated that.

I thank you for all you do and sincerely hope that you receive this award!

You are doing a phenomenal job! Best Coach Ever!!!!

Good Luck!!!