To Whom It May Concern,

I am really glad that I got a chance to write something about my most favorite professor in Brooklyn College. He is none other than Professor Myles Bassell. I took BUSN 3100 & 3200 with him in fall 2015. There was some problem with my financial aid that semester. I had to face many difficulties to take classes. I almost decide to take a semester off which could delay my graduation. Also there were no classes open which I could take. Prof. Bassell came to my life as a blessing. At the last moment he decided to teach those two classes. Words can’t express my feelings of that moment and about the journey in his class. It was that great.

My classes was in afternoon time. I thought I would just fall in sleep because it was 3 hours long. But guess what! There was not a single class when I fell in sleep. Prof. Bassell made the class so interesting. There were so many things we learned in class that will help us in future for sure. He pushed us to do well. He always told us “You are the Best Student EVERRRR”, “Your success in my number one priority”, “You can do it, yes you can”. Those things inspired me a lot. Sometimes I felt like giving up on the homework, but I did all the homework. I did it only because of the encouragement he gave. He used to send us so many emails with reminders about everything which helped a lot. I never ever saw any professor caring for their students that much. Whenever I needed any help he replied right away. Even now if I need anything he is 100% willing to help me anytime. His classes was full of fun. I would recommend any student to take his class.

After everything I just want to say Prof. Bassell is a kind, caring, responsible, hardworking, and such a great person. This letter is not enough to describe him. No one can ever hate him for anything, he is that kind of person. I never felt that close with any other professor. As a student I want say it is very important to feel close to the teacher. YOU ARE BEST PROFESSOR EVERRRR!!!!!!