To Whom It May Concern,

I am a former student of Professor Bassell. I began my graduate degree in spring of 2015 and being a single working mother it was difficult. The Professor I first had was not helpful and encouraging at all and I thought of quitting. Then I said let me try again and I began fall 2015 semester and that’s when my life changed. One of my Professor’s was Bassell for Applied Data Analysis and he is truly a one of a kind Coach and mentor.  The way he teaches, the stories he tells makes learning a great and memorable thing. If there something I didn’t understand, I’d ask him to explain and he did it without hesitation and gracefully. I can ask him the same questions ten times, ten different ways and he answers them all without a problem. He doesn’t stop until he is sure that the concept is understood. He is always available for his students, he encourages and motivates his students. He has many philosophies, he believes in show and tell. There were times when I felt like I don’t understand a concept, I will not get it, I’m not doing as good as I would like and at that moment out of nowhere I get an email from Coach saying “Even if you are knocked down, you DO NOT need to be knocked out” to some people that may be something minor but to me that saved me and encouraged to push myself and work harder. I can’t remember ever having a Professor like Bassell who teaches the way he does, cares the way he does. He catered to many different learning styles. His respects for his students is phenomenal, his knowledge of various diverse backgrounds is unique and welcoming. His enthusiasm is out of this world, his notes, in-class analogies, his helpfulness and his comic relief are all what set him apart from any other Professor.

He had us do tons of marketing research questionnaires, at first I was like what does this have to do with Applied Data Analysis. Then in doing the questionnaires I learned differences of scales, I realized hey I really don’t pay attention to advertisements, I realized that I suck at riding a bicycle and I’m okay with that but these questionnaires open my eyes to things that are more relevant than I thought in this world we live in. He had his students do an SPSS project and before this day I had no clue what this was but after doing the project I can now add this to my resume.

A Coach is a professional person who helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, businesses, organizations and careers. Professor Bassell is an awesome Coach and I plan to incorporate everything he has taught me in my everyday life as well as my career.

Thank you