RE: Professor Myles Bassell                                                                         March 3rd, 2016 

To Whom It May Concern

I am a Graduate student at Brooklyn College. Professor Bassell has not only been my professor for more than a year but also my mentor/coach. He assumed this role without any hesitation and with great intentions to ensure the success of my academic career.

Professor Bassell has been my professor for the following graduate level courses:

BUSN 7131X Tax Rules and Regulation

BUSN 7203X Marketing & Promotion

BUSN 7278X Applied Data Analysis

BUSN 7279X Applied Business Research

These courses would not have been effective or enjoyable without the guidance or presence of Professor Bassell. Bassell has taught me to how to successfully utilize the SPSS software for any statistic analysis reports and to develop extensive research reports during these courses. He also broke down the large contents related to tax rules and regulation in a simpler manner for his students to understand. His motto is and has always been “your success is my priority”. Coach Bassell not only mentions this motto at the beginning of every class but also proves it to us.

I am confident that I speak for all of my classmates who took courses with Bassell that he is a professor that is most invested in his students. He provides multiple methods of contacts to his students so that he is always available for us to submit any inquiries or concerns. I could not be more grateful to have had the chance to have his guidance and motivation throughout my Graduate Program. Professor Bassell is the most deserving of the Brooklyn College’s Teaching Award.

Simply put, Coach Bassell is the best.