To Whom it May Concern
I am a former student of Professor Myles Bassell’s Marketing class. My experience within his classroom was unlike any other. Professor Bassell displays professionalism and uses enthusiasm to grasp the attention of his students. What I respect the most about the classroom environment is the fact that he uses multicultural content and makes the lessons relatable.

Not only does he have an effective and unique teaching style, but he makes it his business to know each student personally. I must include that he has team spirit. He actually allows us to refer to him as Coach, and is always there to mentor us and help us through any confusion and struggle. His willingness to assist us and guide us through our educational journey is truly inspiring. I have never come across another professor who cares so much about our progress and success. Through his approach to teaching and learning, it is clear that he is passionate about Business and Marketing.

My favorite aspect of the course was the ethical assignments, as well as our case studies. The assignments were the perfect level of difficulty and enabled us to use critical thinking. Through these assignments I was able to gain analytical skills which will help me in the future. Also, the ethical assignments put me in a situation which allowed me to make decisions that will prepare me for my future in Business.

Professor Bassell or Coach, as many students and myself like to call him, inspires us throughout the semester with encouraging emails. He reminds us how important our success is to him and motivates us to keep pushing through the semester by telling us that he knows we can do it! He is always available whenever we need him. That is such an important characteristic to have as a professor. He is also hysterical! It is refreshing to have a professor with such a great sense of humor. Coach Bassell is one of those professors that will have a long lasting impact on my life. It is an honor to have been in his Marketing class.