Dear Professor Bassell

Professor Bassell I have taken at least three classes with you, maybe more. Honestly you are  the reason I am finishing my degree. I was laid off unexpectedly last year and when I had to be removed from one of your classes you emailed me to ask if I was aware and what was going on. After telling you what happen you told me to keep you updated and that you were there if I needed anything. Professor Bassell, you truly care about your students and go above and beyond. I ended up not going to school that semester but did return because I knew someone out there was looking for me to succeed. Now this summer I will have my master’s in business administration.
I have taken your courses online and in class. In both scenarios you are just as energetic and educational in person as on the web. I believe you know how to get our attention and encourage us throughout the course. We get friendly email reminders (many) when things are due or even telling us “we can do it!” You truly are motivational in school and outside by your influential words.
The reason I feel I have learned so much from you is because of how you teach us. It’s a very “down to earth” vibe and makes it memorable. For example, for our research class you knew when to use surveys about subjects we would be into, like television, public transportation and even food. Then you related it the material in our text books like focus groups, exploratory studies, nominal, interval and ordinal scales.
Therefore thank you for showing me that great professors do exist. I understand it’s challenging to teach so many of us but I can definitely tell you that you are getting through to us. If anyone were to ask me if they should take your class I would tell them to take as many as they can with you! “They can do it, yes they can” J

Thank you Professor!