To Whom it May Concern
I was a student of professor Bassell in the Fall of 2015.  I was in his Principles of Management class. As I move forward through my education I will always remember Professor Bassell as one of the best professors I have ever had. I will always remember him because of his unique way of “coaching” students.  He makes students believe that no matter how hard a course is they can still receive an “A” grade at the end if they work hard enough. I have never been in a class with a professor that has so much passion and enthusiasm about teaching. In his Marketing class we had a writing assignment each week with a deadline, this helped me improve my writing and better understand concepts of each chapter. We also had marketing research questionnaires which help me relate my marketing class with the “real world”.  He was always prepared for every class and always encouraged students to ask questions. Because of his approach students were always asking questions which helped everybody learn even more about Marketing. I was always looking forward to his every class because of his approach to students and sense of humor.

I will always remember you professor Bassell! Besides what I have learned about marketing, I will always remember your words of encouragement and support that I and the rest of the class have received from you.  “Don’t ever give up!  You can do it!  Yes you can!  Yes you will!  YES YOU DID!!”
Thank you Professor for everything you thought me about the course and your words of encouragement will stay with me for life!