To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter explain to you why I believe Professor Bassell should receive the teaching excellence award. When I started Graduate School I was taking online classes where I felt that there was not any connection with the professor. From the first class with Bassell I realized that there was a something different in the culture of this teaching habits. He made me feel comfortable to ask any questions I have and he even gave the class his number so we can contact him. The second class we had to call me by my first and last name, this is something that takes professors months to know. I did not feel as if I was an ID number to him he made me feel like I was one of his personal students. He genuinely cares about his students and wants to see us become successful. After taking his class in the Fall and received a B+ I registered for a winter which I received an A and spring semester. He taught me how to adjust to different kinds of learning methods, which allowed me to excel in these courses.

When we speak about being punctual Professor Bassell is always ahead of the ball game. He sends emails to his students two months in advances about purchasing the textbook and sends weekly reminders. He gives his students enough times to do assignments and gives us a schedule of days that we should attend our hybrid classes. He has a detailed syllabus, which he sticks to and really takes the stress off me as a student.

When it comes to his teaching techniques there different from any professor I have ever experienced. We go over ten chapters in the matter of six weeks and it does not feel like a heavy load. His homework assignments are pretty lengthy, but the help when taking the test. I can honestly say that I am always attentive and always understanding the context of the lesson in Bassell class. His classroom setting allows us to be ourselves he is an open-minded professor with a great sense of humor. There is never a day that students are not waiting after class to speak to him. These conversations are not about students being confused these are conversations about joining certain fellowships and how to find internships. He extremely passionate about developmenting his students.

Coach Bassell is one of the best professors I have had in my entire college history and he definitely deserves this award. He is a great representation of the Koppleman Business School.