To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for and fondness of Professor Bassell. I attended Brooklyn College for my undergrad and I am currently enrolled as a graduate student. In my years of attending Brooklyn College, I have never had a professor that is as caring, engaged, fun, supportive and encouraging as Professor Bassell. His unique way of teaching engages students, keeps us interested in the material and makes learning more enjoyable. In fact, ever since taking my first class with Professor Bassell in Summer 2015, I have tried to take all of my future classes with him.

Professor Bassell sends out emails well in advance of the start of each semester and sends out reminders and follow ups consistently. He has a YouTube page that enables students to watch his lectures and learn remotely for online/hybrid classes. The syllabus he provides is always clear and understandable. Expectations of the courses he teaches are clearly defined.

Professor Bassell always makes himself available to his students 24/7 because our success is his “number one priority.” This is Professor Bassell’s tagline and he stands by his word. Whenever I needed help from Professor Bassell, he always responded and always helped me out. Over the 2015 Fall semester, Professor Bassell had some of his former students who have succeeded in their careers come in to our class to speak to us and give career advice. This mentoring session was very informative and inspiring.

Professor Bassell is always trying to do what is best for his students which makes him a great leader and mentor. I hope that the reasons stated in my testimonial allow Professor Bassell to receive this prestigious award that he so deserves.