To Whom It May Concern,

I am a former student of Professor Myles Bassell also known as Coach to his students. As a first semester graduate student here at Brooklyn College, I was fortunate to have Coach as my professor for two of my classes Applied Data Analysis and Business Research in the fall of 2015. You see having graduated over five years ago with a B.A in Journalism with very little knowledge of Business, I was very nervous about seating in a classroom again. Let alone taking courses in a brand new field, however, taking these two courses with Coach made the transition smooth. I liked that Coach was always available for his students, whether it be my office hours, emails or by text.

Some professors you can hardly reach but he was always available if I had any questions or concern regarding the courses. I liked that he simplified what was expected from us as students. His syllabus was doable and even though at times we thought negative he always reinforced in every email that “we can do it,” and “we are the best students ever,” and that “he hopes everyone gets and A” in his class. Those are words of encouragement and it resonated in me and that gave me the extra fuel I need to obtain a 4.0 my first semester of graduate school. I was able to apply those words of encouragement in my other business courses. I learned a lot my first semester of college about the different types of marketing questionnaires that’s companies use to gain insight in their field. I learned how to conduct statistical research using software like SPSS and others. Our weekly assignments

This class was very beneficial to my field of choice. I hope you realize that Coach isn’t just a professor here in Brooklyn College was also a mentor and advisor and so many more. He wears so many different hats here and deserves to be recognize for this amazing award.  Incoming graduate students needs professors like him. So many professors who teach graduate level courses they appear to believe that as adults already in the career field we should know certain things etc. So they often does not bother to address certain concerns because we should already know these things. That’s not teaching especially when you’re funding your own education you need a professor like coach who believes in every individual student. When you have a professor who believes in you or gives that extra encouragement even when it isn’t in the job title that can take a mediocre student and turn them into a world changer or the next Bill Gates. You just never know!

Best Regards,