To Whom It May Concern:

Professor Bassell, fondly called coach by all of us – his proud students, whom he has so immensely imparted with practical academic and intellectual knowledge is a rare educator. He is a unique and passionate educator; and it is hard enough to find sufficient adjective to describe him. He brings unmatched passion to what he conspicuously relish doing – teaching, mentoring and coaching his students. I am honored to recommend my professor, my coach and my mentor – Bassell, for the teaching excellence award this year.

For many students, Professor Bassell means too many things to list here; and to me, he means absolutely so much that I can only try to articulate those things as words would let me in this piece. Professor Bassell taught me at least three graduate economics/business courses when I attended Brooklyn College for my Masters of Science degree in Business Economics. Whereas, I encountered great professors during this two years, Professor Bassell stood out in ways like none else. He taught each course with tremendous clarity in physical lectures and using online resources; he gave lots of very helpful case studies; he constructively engaged us – the students, in intellectual discourse via discussion boards on blackboard; his exams were extensive and very reflective of the quality of his instruction; he was academically very demanding; he inspires responsibility and rewards it. He encourages collaboration among students and he is always available to students outside classrooms to answer questions. The pleasantly shocking thing about Professor Bassell is the fact that he is available basically pass midnight to respond to questions and concerns of students and I am a living testament of that fact. Often, I have wondered how he is able to do that. The only explanation is that – my coach and mentor lives, breath and literally exist to teach and coach students to achieving success – he relishes doing so at all times.

As an adjunct professor at Herbert H. Lehman College, my work has become profoundly more successful with my students because in many ways, I am emulating my coach and Professor – Bassell. In a remarkable sense, I have not only been well educated in the courses that Professor Bassell has taught me, I have also learned the art of teaching, communicating and coaching students to achieving success from his style. The success of my work at Lehman College has allowed me to also teach in two other colleges outside of Lehman College and for that, I am thankful to Professor Bassell.

Without hesitation, I add my voice to very highly recommend that my professor, my coach and mentor – Bassell be awarded this year’s teaching excellence award – he deserves nothing less.

Thank you.