Dear Professor Bassell,

This letter is written at a time of reflection and gratitude towards you for inspiring and supporting me with my academic endeavors.

As you may not be aware, I am currently in the second to last semester course of the graduate program at Metropolitan College of New York. I know, I graduated from Brooklyn College in 2015, and now I’m on my way to receiving my graduate degree in 2016. Pretty good stuff, right! LOL As I take inventory of how far I’ve come I must let you know that I appreciate and thank you so very much for your recommendation letter for my graduate application, and encouragement this last year and a half. As a former student in your “Strategic Marketing” class taken at Brooklyn College in 2014, I must say it was very challenging. At first it was difficult for me to submit a scholarly written assignment every week on top of my other academic and personal responsibilities, however, your coaching skills, email reminders and confidence in my ability to produce quality work prompted me to exceed beyond expectations. Although, it was a business requirement, it quickly became one of my favorite classes to date.  Your enthusiasm coupled with your sense of humor, passion to see each student excel regardless of one’s cultural background and professionalism made the class one to participate in and study for.

Currently, I am enrolled in the “Nonprofit Governance and Marketing” course, which is very interesting because the foundation of this subject matter has already been provided, thanks to you! I immediately remembered the case studies, marketing research questionnaires and simulations I took in your class, which has helped me to correctly articulate information about this topic to my professor. In other words, what I learned in your class is helping me to succeed in this advance course. It’s exciting to see how your past experiences prepares you for your present endeavors. Your ability to explain complex concepts has made it easy to understand the views of strategic marketing on a graduate level.

Thank you for your time and effort to me and every student you’ve come in contact with. I have spoken to a few of my old colleagues and not one has shared a different outlook on the impact you’ve made to each student. You Rock! I appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

Thank you for everything!

Best Wishes,