To whom it may concern,

Professor Myles Bassell is the most genuine, caring, informative, well-rounded professor Brooklyn College has. Prior to starting my first semester in Brooklyn College I was facing being a part time student because transfer students get last pick of classes and I was not able to take more than 9 credits. A few days before the semester began Professor Bassell opened up marketing and management intro courses for business majors that seated 250 students. I luckily got to have the pleasure of taking both of these intro classes with him. If you are looking for a professor to actually teach and if you are a student looking to actually learn then he is your guy. His ethical scenario homework assignments involved me as a student to critically think and decide how I would react in certain situations if I were a business owner or involved in a business professionally. Professor Bassell prepares his students for the real world, he teaches his students information that they will use throughout their entire future careers. Besides the fact that Professor Bassell is amazing as a professor he is also amazing as being your coach. Us students refer to him as Coach Bassell because he is always there for his students 24/7 around the clock before and after the semester. He knows almost all of his 400 students by name. The class itself is challenging, especially his exams, that you are very well prepared for with his recorded and pre-uploaded lectures, powerpoint slides, and class notes & lectures. Coach Bassell is super organized, he sends out almost daily announcements and emails on blackboard in order to make sure the entire class is on track all the time. He makes it impossible for a student to fall behind or confused as to what is going on in the course. Professor Bassell will forever be my all time favorite professor I will ever have. I hope that I will get to take another class with this professor in the future. I wish that every student enrolled in Brooklyn College could have a chance to take a class with Professor Bassell.

Thank you!