My first exposure to Professor Bassell was when he filled in for our professor who was out sick.  For those two classes he actually made some sense of what our regular professor was talking about. Granted the class was mostly filled with accounting students taking advanced macroeconomics.  I am usually a student that comes to class, answers questions in my head, takes notes, and then goes home. I was blown away by the second class that Professor Bassell remembered who we were without looking at the class roster.  Remember he was only filling in for two classes (which were a week apart), had his own classes, but he still took the time to remember us. From that point on I made sure to register for any class that professor Bassell was teaching in my Masters program. As a regular professor, he was ALWAYS encouraging me to work towards the A grade I deserved in the class. Even his homework messages ended with words of encouragement. Professor Bassell is truly in every aspect a professor that cares about the success of his students. A lot of professors have a “I get paid whether you get the material or not” attitude and Professor Bassell is nothing like that. Without a doubt Professor Bassell is the BEST teacher I had throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies at Brooklyn College. Like Leonardo Dicaprio, 2016 is the year Professor Bassell should win the Teacher Excellence Award. #Bassell2016