To Whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to express my enthusiastic support for Professor Bassell as a recipient of ‘Teaching excellence award’. I was a student in a couple of Professor Bassell’s classes while I was doing my Masters in Economics in Brooklyn College.

Professor Bassell, as a teacher, has a sincere desire for students to succeed, and a willingness to help them learn in any way possible. His classes were always interesting as he included real world application/examples along with the theoretical lectures.  During one of Professor Bassell’s classes we did a MarketShare simulation. It was a pretty neat exercise to understand the application of the concepts and the SPSS project.

He was always available and willing to help students if there were any questions. His warm and understanding nature and support for each student’s individual struggles with the material, is what I think makes him a great teacher. His enthusiasm and support inspires his students to meet the challenges he has set for them. As a result, students work harder and learn better in the environment he has created.

The list could go on and on to express how exceptional of a teacher Professor Bassell is, but I hope I have successfully conveyed the essence of it. Professor Bassell deserves recognition for all the good work he has done.

Thank you,