To Whom It May Concern,

Looking back 10 years ago there were a few individuals that made me excited and motivated about my college career.  Professor Bassell you were one of them and I wanted to thank you for that.  Thank you for pushing me to learn and use concepts and also guiding me with internship and career help.

I remember taking a class with you back in 2006 (Omg where did the 10 years fly by?!)  It was a management course and I was impressed since the first day.  I remember coming early and there were students already there and there was music playing.  I overheard the students like yea Professor Bassell plays music before class and I took his classes before and love sitting in the front because its like an educational show.

I was terrified when I saw your syllabus, it was huge!  I was thinking how are we going to cover all of the material?  I can’t believe we finished all the material and learned more than just textbook material.  Thanks for making class fun and you weren’t the typical professor teaching and giving 2 exams throughout the semester.   Although we had writing assignments weekly they  were fun to do because you wanted us to understand and use concepts that you taught us and not memorize terms.  What I also appreciated as a student you actually read our assignments because during class you would acknowledge our work during the lesson and I know that motivated students to improve their writing so they too can be acknowledged in class.

I remember the second course I took with you was the entrepreneurship class we were working at the student center half of the time and the other time we were in the classroom learning from your experience.  I loved it! Your class experience is exactly what happens in a work environment.  We learned to work in groups, collaborate and even learned how to deal with your group members who are not contributing.  It was great actually using your concepts in class and applying them at the student center.  Ten years later I create business plans, marketing plans and digital marketing strategies for my clients.  Your class helped me create these plans and your guidance as well. College should be about hands on experience and that is what I gained with your courses.  You didn’t tell us what is a business plan you helped us create them.

Most importantly is your follow up, replying back to students promptly and grading assignments quickly.  I appreciate your interest in what your students are doing months and even years after graduation.   After graduating Business School from a top school in New York I realized your classes were similar to my business school courses which I was prepared for because of your courses.

Thank you once again for your time and motivation, I hope your semester is going well!

Your favorite student, (I kid!)